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An efficient response to an emergency

Updated on August 7, 2014
Emergency means an uncertain abnormal condition when affected peoples are unable to overcome the situation and needs an outsides help to overcome the unusual situation. In different context the term emergency is used. In state context when state violance reach in an extreme condition than the effective response against the unusual condition is "emergency" that is known to all. In disaster management after happening of disaster the affected people when lose their capability of recovery there outside peoples or organization s are required to immediate response. Such condition is called emergency condition. Effective response in emergency can reduce the vulnerability and harm rate. Response is an effective action. An effective response to emergency needs some tools and techniques. Most important is knowledge on emergency management. Training needs is important. Skill in frequent action is necessary for effective response.

How should be response?

Response should be immediate and should not be time consuming. It should be included high technology and sufficient trained stuffs.


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