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How can know about signal of cyclone

Updated on July 25, 2014

Any advance measure of weather condition is called prediction or forcasting. Prediction or forcasting method gives an advance assessment about that the the hazard will be occured or not. If it really happen what will be its intensity. The prediction about floods, cyclones, tornados, earthquakes, tsunami is not a hcomplex matter. In different countries different organisation involved in such kinds of prediction. This prediction helps to take a corrective action towards prevention, preparedness and planning. It helps to make a decision that if the settlement of coastaline area will be take away from the risk zone.

The technical method that used for such kinds of prediction is called remote sensing. By remote sensing we can draw a picture of hazards origin and speed or intensity of the hazards. In remote sensing data are collected by a sensor on aircraft, satelite or by radar. In this case electromagnetic, electro optical or optical mechanical method are used.

Different symptom of the air condition, winds condition gives an important data for prediction. The humadity of coastaline air is recorded, speed of wind is also record to predict. Air condition of different layer of air on ocean is also a valuable data for prection. The season is also a parameter. This prediction can help the rate of risk and vulnerability.

What is cyclone? From where cyclone creates? What is the causes of cyclone? These question and answer about cyclone can give us a statement about How we can predict about cyclones occurance. That's also give an opportunity of the signal of cyclone occurance. Cyclone is an abnormal rain and wind over sea and coast. Scientifically cyclone creates when water temperatures are over 26 degree celcius heat and moisture mixes and forms a low pressure center over ocean. The wind flow creates a spin movement. Hence a dispersion creates. When wind gain 117 gale force it then called cyclone. This occurance of cyclone gives us a message that the signal of cyclone will be found in ocean air and coastaline area. Air condition of the ocean is a potential signal of cyclone. Humadity of the air, temperature of air and water on ocean and coastaline area is another potential signal of cyclone.

It is easy for you to make a prediction about cyclone. If you see abnormal wind blow, abnormal rain condition you may consider it as the signal of cyclone.

How signal of cyclone help people

Signal of cyclone can reduces the damage of asaets and death of life. If people can find signal before happening disaster they can take corrective action.


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