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Shark Coloring Pages

Updated on April 11, 2014

Shark Coloring Pages and Facts for Kids

On this page you'll find some shark coloring pages which I have created. Some of them are based on the public domain pictures from Northeast Fisheries Science Center. I have included different shark species. You'll find the great white shark, the tiger shark, the whale shark and more. I am also including some shark facts and a cartoon shark coloring sheet just for fun. Just click on the pictures to see the enlarged version.

So grab your goggles and your coloring pencils or crayons and print out your favorite picture.

Just be careful of the teeth ....

Shark picture modified from clker

Sharks of the World Coloring Book

Sharks of the World Coloring Book (Dover Nature Coloring Book)
Sharks of the World Coloring Book (Dover Nature Coloring Book)

25 different species of shark: including the cow shark, goblin shark, horn shark, megamouth shark, thresher shark, blue shark, bull shark, mako shark, nurse shark, basking shark, tiger shark and more!


Different Species

Bull Shark

Bull Shark Coloring Page
Bull Shark Coloring Page

How deep do sharks live?

Most like swimming near the surface of the water (in the well-lit zone), but only a few, like the goblin shark, prefer to inhabit deep water (330-2300 ft or 100-700 m).

Goblin Shark

Goblin Shark Coloring Page
Goblin Shark Coloring Page

Color: light pink / gray on top, paler underneath

How many people are killed by sharks?

It is estimated that between 100 and 1000 people die from shark attacks each year.

Thirteen times more males are attacked than females, maybe because males are more likely to swim in deep water than females and because more men than women surf. Form underneath, the silhouette of a person on a surfboard looks very much like the silhouette of a seal.

Great White

Great White Shark Coloring Page
Great White Shark Coloring Page

Color: gray to black on top, white underneath

Do sharks have scales?

No. They have "dermal denticles", which are like small, hard skin teeth. As the animal grow, the denticles are shed and larger ones take their place.

Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark Coloring Page
Hammerhead Shark Coloring Page

Color: light gray / dark brown / olive green on top, white underneath

Do they ever get a tooth ache?

Sharks' teeth are arranged in rows, usually six or more rows deep. This means that when a tooth gets damaged or blunt, it falls out, and one from behind slips forward to take its place. There are new teeth constantly developing in their mouths.

Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark Coloring Page
Tiger Shark Coloring Page

What do they eat?

All sharks are carnivores (meat eaters). Some, such as the whale shark, are filter feeders, eating small and microscopic creatures, called plankton, which float around on the ocean currents

Most eat small fish and invertebrates.

Some hunt large animals, such as seals, whales, or even other sharks.

Whale Sharks

Whale Shark Coloring Page
Whale Shark Coloring Page

Color: dark gray-brown with white or yellow spots and stripes on top, white underneath

How many sharks are killed by humans each year?

People kill up to about 100 million sharks every year. Many are killed because they get caught in fishing nets, and because they can't swim backwards to get out of the net they drown because they need to keep moving to have water passing over their gills.

Some are killed for their fins to make shark fin soup, an Asian delicacy.

Wobbegong Sharks

Wobbegong Coloring Page
Wobbegong Coloring Page

Color: sandy brown, reddish-brown, green-brown, or dark brown, with a motley pattern

Just for Fun

Cartoon Shark

Cartoon Shark Coloring Pages
Cartoon Shark Coloring Pages

Click to enlarge

Above picture modified from pdclipart

What are baby sharks called?


In some species the female lays eggs (like most fish), but in other species the babies develop inside the mother and the pups are born live - tail first.

Did you use any of these coloring pages?

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