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Should Public Schools Be Able To Sell Advertisement Space?

Updated on February 4, 2013

Public Schools Could Start Renting Out Space On The Side Of Buses To Fund Bus Costs

Its not uncommon to see ads of local business on the football field or on the back of school club teach t-shirts. So what is the difference between that and selling advertisement space right out to businesses on school property such as School Buses?

Many parents believe that it would cause a negative effect on a kids education if ads started to be allowed on buses and on more school property then it already is. But others believe it is an answer to reduce the affect of lost funding for needed programs. What do you think?

Update: While in April of 2012 Senate killed the bill to allow ads on buses but with funding still being a huge issue the topic is sure to come up again.

Rio Rancho schools launch bus advertisements

Do You Think It Would Affect A Child's Education if Bus' Was Covered With Advertizements?

Should Ads Be Allowed To Be On School Buses

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What Do You Think about Letting Schools Rent Out Ad Space On School Buses?

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