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Sick, Yet Gaining Weight: Does Stomach Flu Put Weight On You?

Updated on March 17, 2011

Sick, Yet Gaining Weight: Does Stomach Flu Put Weight On You?

Sickly You

You have been sick; point-blank. You feel miserable, you just want this illness to "take a hike", but the weird thing is, you are noticing weight gain. What? Does stomach flu put weight on you even though it's not typical? You would be correct to assume that stomach flu should not put weight on you.

If possible, can you remember your average weight? If so, try to figure out just how many pounds, or ounces, you have gained during this stomach flu episode. It's great if you can remember your post-flu weight so you can try to piece things together. If you decide to make a doctor appointment, they will need, at least, a good estimation of your weight gain so they can better assess your situation.

Medically Maybe

Maybe there's more to your weight issue than the stomach flu. Could there be other incidences causing the weight gain? Look at some possible factors including:

* Diet Changes

* Lack of Exercise

* Pregnancy

* Recent Travel

* Change in Medication(s)

If you have had any of these take place, it may be a reason for your weight concern. Changes in the body's routine, eating habits, and intake of medicines on a daily basis can cause things to get "out of whack", so to speak. The body simply tries to make adjustments in order to adapt to the new changes. These are just some possibilities to consider, but they are no substitution for a physician's diagnosis and care.

Closer Examination

"Does stomach flu put weight on you if you simply had a diet change while sick"? Most definitely! Even if you have changed to a healthy diet from an unhealthy diet, your body will need some time to adjust. Having the stomach flu causes most people to lose their appetites, but when they do resume eating, they are eating lighter, healthier foods. Your body may be experiencing some weight gain at this time because it is getting rid of extra build-up in the colon and intestines.

Feeling "under the weather" definitely can cause lack of exercise. When you have stomach flu, one of the last things you think about is going for a three-mile run around the block. But, when you have the stomach flu, resting is one of your best options for treatment. You'll be back up and running in no time if you get good care.

Possibly pregnant? Does stomach flu put weight on you when you're pregnant? The pregnant body is a marvelous mystery. With all of the changes that take place during pregnancy, you may be experiencing some weight gain despite being sick because of the growing baby, fluid retention, and increased blood volume.

Taken any good trips lately? The weight gain you are possibly noticing may be non stomach flu related. You may not actually have the stomach flu, but rather, a parasite or other infection you acquired during your travels. Examine ALL of the symptoms you are experiencing so you can contact your physician with the information he needs to help you get better.

If you have been on medication(s), and there's been any changes, you have a possible explanation to examine. Starting, stopping, adding, or subtracting a medication from your daily regime can affect you in many ways. "But, does stomach flu put weight on you someone who has simply had a medication change"? By changing the chemical composition that the body is accustomed to, weight can get out-of-sorts for a bit.


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