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Similarities Between Portuguese and English

Updated on April 3, 2011

Why are there similarities?

Romance languages are derived from Latin, the popular language of the Roman Empire. Between 350 BC and AD 150, the expansion of the Empire, together with its administrative and educational policies, made Latin the dominant native language in continental Western Europe. Latin also exerted a strong influence in southeastern Britain.

Portuguese, like all romance languages, directly descends from Latin - English, although not a romance language, has also been heavily influenced by Latin. For this reason many of our words have the same routes or ancestors. It's astonishing how we can translate thousands of Portuguese words into English with just a few pieces of information.

Take a look at my list of the ways to convert English words straight into Portuguse...

Cognates 1

-ly becomes -mente

automatically - automaticamente

completely - completamente

normally - normalmente

traditionally - tradicionalmente

Cognates 2

-ty becomes -dade

Authority - Autoridade

City - Cidade

Hospitality - Hospitalidade

Opportunity - Oportunidade

Cognates 3

-tion becomes -ção

Accommodation - Acomodação

Definition - Definição

Education - Educação

Observation - Observação

Cognates 4

-ary becomes -ário

Anniversary - Aniversário

Dictionary - Dicionário

Imaginary - Imaginário

Vocabulary - Vocabulário

Cognates 5

-able becomes -ável

Adaptable - Adaptável

Comfortable - Confortável

Irritable - Irritável

Miserable - Miserável

Cognates 6

-ant becomes -ante

Dependant - Dependente

Elegant - Elegante

Important - Importante

Restaurant - Restaurante

Cognates 7

-ist becomes -ista

Dentist - Dentista

Finalist - Finalista

Journalist - Jornalista

Terrorist - Terrorista

Cognates 8

-ency becomes -ência

Agency - Agência

Emergency - Emergência

Fluency - Fluência

Urgency - Urgência

Cognates 9

-sion becomes -são

Admission - Admissão

Illusion - Ilusão

Conclusion - Conclusão

Progression - Progressão

Cognates 10

-acy becomes -acia

Bureaucracy - Burocracia

Democracy - Democracia

Efficancy - Efficancy

Pharmacy - Farmácia

Questions or Suggestions? - Let me know...

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @anonymous: There are ALWAYS exceptions to these kinds of rules.Example 'delicacy' in Portuguese is delicadeza. These helpers are very useful in any case.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      this is a great lens! i have a question.. are there exceptions to these rules? or does this apply to all words with these endings? 'Brigada pra suas repostas.