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Sketch Tuesday-Family Sketch Book Ideas

Updated on February 9, 2013

Free Sketch Assignments for Homeschoolers

Sketch Tuesday is a weekly event on my Harmony Art Mom blog. There is a community of homschoolers who participate on a regular basis by sketching the weekly assignment and then sending in the image to share in a community slideshow on Flickr. The families that participate express that just having the assignment decided ahead of time and then seeing the delight in their child's eyes as they see their sketch included in the slideshow has helped encourage a love of drawing that they didn't think was possible.

Every Tuesday I post a new sketch assignment on the Harmony Art Mom blog. Everyone is welcome to sketch and you do not need to sign up to participate. You can participate every week or as often as you wish since there is no commitment. I try to make the assignments open-ended so your child can interpret the assignment in a way that works for them. Every sketch is included in the slideshow so please send them in to share with other families.Parents are welcome to sketch and submit to the slideshow too.

How Do I Participate?

* 1. Read the assignment in the Tuesday blog entry.

* 2. Complete the assignment. Adults are welcome to sketch as well so feel free to sketch alongside your children. I encourage creativity but please do not sketch "off topic". Please make sure what you are sending into the slideshow is a sketch or drawing. Digital drawings are not accepted.

* Additional note: I do not accept any sketches that include violence, blood, guts, or gore. This is a G rated blog.

* 3. You may add a child's name and age to the sketch if you wish. I prefer that no other information be written on the sketches. Please do not put your blog address on the sketch or image.

* 4. Scan or photograph your sketch. Flickr has a size limit of 500 MB per image.

* 5. Send in the image in JPEG format to: Make sure to pay attention to the deadline which is Monday evening (I usually finish the slideshow by 9 PM PST). I try my best to include late assignments but I cannot promise to always do so if you are too late. Please limit it to one sketch per person. If you can send in your sketch over the weekend, it would help me out greatly.

* 6. Sometimes when you are send an email with a blank subject line and no message in the body of the email, my email system recognizes it as SPAM. Please put "Sketch Tuesday" in the subject line and then in the body of the email please type something even if it just says that it is for Sketch Tuesday or the number of sketches attached.

* 7. Come back the next Tuesday and see the slideshow! If you access the slideshow before you see the blog entry up on Tuesday mornings, it is more than likely not complete.

The only other requirement is to have fun sketching!

Looking for sketch ideas? I post one sketch idea a week to my blog for you to complete and send in to share in the weekly slideshow on Flickr.

Energizer Bunny sketch
Energizer Bunny sketch

Looking for Weekly Sketch Ideas?

Many times we just need a sketch idea to get us started. I know for our family when we pick the topic the creative ideas flow and I can see by the submissions each week to the Sketch Tuesday slideshow that each person interprets the assignment in his own way.

Sketch Tuesday is not a competition and all submissions are added to the Flickr slideshow if you follow the simple guidelines provided.



Favorite Sketching Tools

What is your favorite art supply for sketching?

See results

My Favorite Learn to Draw Books

These books will be a great starting point for your child to learn how to draw. We have used all of these books in our family over the years with a lot of success.

Mark Kistler's Draw Squad
Mark Kistler's Draw Squad

My favorite book for children to learn to draw realistically. They can work through this book at their own pace and it doesn't hurt to work through it several times.

Drawing With Children: A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too
Drawing With Children: A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too

The staple for our family's drawing and art skills plans. This goes beyond sketching and uses other medium such as watercolor, markers, and oil pastels.

Draw Real Animals! (Discover Drawing)
Draw Real Animals! (Discover Drawing)

My sons loved this book in their middle school years because it gave them concrete steps towards learning to draw animals realistically.

Drawing in Pen & Ink (First Steps)
Drawing in Pen & Ink (First Steps)

We are using this as part of our high school art skills plans. Love this book.


I would love to hear your comments!

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    • profile image

      SnoopyGirl1 6 years ago

      We love Sketch Tuesday and have participated many times. Thanks for coordinating it and sharing your many resources.