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Slaves of the society!

Updated on March 10, 2013

Every person is a product of his society. A person living without any society is almost impossible to find. We can see from birth, child starts getting various instructions on “How to?” from parents. Of course there are many innate things those start surfacing as the child grows. Still his innate abilities and the things accumulated from the society find an eternal strife inside within.

And most of the times society wins!

Society needs to sculpt the child in an order to make a man or woman of its preferences.

What are those preferences?

Child should grow according the ethics those are normally acceptable to the society.

Child should know and follow the ethics and Religion that is adhered by his society.

Child should grow while respecting the laws of the country and the Country!

He/She should be humble enough to respect tribe/caste/sect he/she is born in.

List can be stretched however let us discuss over above stated points. How a child is modified to a person that is comfortable to the society is an artificial process.

From home to school he undergoes rigorous training that is aimed to make a person of societies like!

And this is done through making a person think in the direction that is of benefit to the society.

Now one may ask, what is wrong in this process?

Child knows nothing when he is born. He needs teaching. Needs training to do certain things!

If not done so, what will become of him?

But don’t we suppress his independent way of thinking?

Don’t we try to make him alike others in the society?

And how do we know that what society thinks is right and not wrong at all?

This way we might be creating a generation that will blindly follow the same wrong?

I think our education and social system, hand in hand has been busy from millenniums in creating the generations to suit its aspirations. No matter in what branch of life, but must be suitable. Comfortable to each and one! So that society should not only achieve its prosperity but safety as well.

So in this way what becomes of natural freedom and natural choice?

Isn’t this a kind of brainwashing that publically pro’s express dislike about?

Crunching of human freedom is a curse that always has been exacted on the every new born child till it dies.

Fear of society gradually becomes so intense that whatever a person thinks, hardly can act or express. He has to do the things whether he likes or not.

Propaganda and further brainwashing

Even if you are a mature person from all sides this or that propaganda, may be of Labour organizations or political parties, of religious leaders or sectarians, of freedomists to slavists…all kind of propaganda keeps crashing one until he takes this or that side.

This becomes inevitable. A person is forced to incline towards something, whether in original it was of his like or dislike.

Terrorists too are made out of this process. Brainwashing, whether you call it through preaching’s or changing minds…it is brainwashing!

Why so?

Is this really helpful to the mankind or is it a process just to create a society of some or others slaves?

If we look back in the history, there have been propagandists of greater skills those have forced human beings to abandon past faiths to adopt new. To root new faith deeply in the minds of the people at the shortest possible time, swords have been used. Empires have been used. Every possible machinery has been used.

Greater the propaganda we choose the leader. We choose the faiths according to the propaganda. Because we are forced to believe in the things those have been told repeatedly to us at massive scale! Though we know the leaders are financed by the questionable people still we start tending to neglect it.

The brainwashing takes place in every field. Bombarding of advertisements make us buy the things we may not need. Meaning of life is forced upon you by the commercials. Human values are directly or indirectly preached to us through the literature or movies.

Media tries to enforce their political, social or other views in an order to create “Public Opinion” of their like.

Looking at above and so many untouched aspects of our life, a question arises, where is our freedom?

Almost every thinking is driven by the outside forces…then what about the inner voice?

What about the enacting the life of one’s choice?

Choices are left very limited. The process that begins from childhood doesn’t rest till you rest in the graveyard.

I am aware there are people, no matter how few, but listen to their inner call and abandon the burdens that society wants to carry him.

I stand with such fewest of people!


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    • mbyL profile image

      Slaven Cvijetic 4 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

      And I stand with You! Very GOOD! Following you now! @jainismus thanks for sharing this hub otherwise I'd never have found it!

    • jainismus profile image

      Mahaveer Sanglikar 4 years ago from Pune, India

      Right analysis. Most of the people are slaves of their orthodox societies.

      For great achievements one should always look beyond his own society, prefer not to marry in his own society and try to become a true global citizen. Only this will free us from being slave of orthodox society.

      Voted up and shared.