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Repair a Peugeot Partner sliding door

Updated on March 14, 2009

Repair sliding door on Peugeot Partner or Citroen Berlingo

The sliding door of Partner or Berlingo monospace cars is reported to have frequently an issue of adjustment. The syptom is that the sliding door hits the front door when one tries to close it. It is not pulled in sufficiently. Slowly but continuously it degrades, the kids can't close it anymore and it becomes a real hassle.

Your dealer tells you something like: Oh my god this will be expensive, everything needs to be replaced ...

Don't loose your tamper, here comes the solution !!!

I tried it on a model year 2000.

This is the bug

After some years of driving it seems that the screws on the upper arm that holds the door get loose. As a consequence this arm can move (turn) as it is shown in the picture at the right. If it turns to the right (red arrow), the upper corner of the door is no longer properly pulled in when the door is closed. So the solution is to access these screw and tighten them with the arm in the right position. Personally I had to turn it a max in the direction of the green arrow.

Just do it

In order to access these screws, you need first to unmount the cover indicated by the green arrow in the picture on the right. The you need to unmount the door handle. If you want to properly unmount it, then you have to remove the window in the door first, because the handle is somehow fixed to the window's hinges.

So remove the small covers in the door handle covering (indicated by arrows A and B). Then remove the screws behind the covers.

Next remove the screws from the window fastening (arrow C).


The window fastener is fixed with an additional small screw on the back of the door. The small red arrow on the photo on the right indicates its position. When removing this screw you may call somebody to assist you to avoid that the window falls down and gets damaged. You can now remove the window by removing the fastening from the frame and then sliding out the glass.

Nearly done

Now you remove the door handle. It is fixed by a screw in the center (behind a rectangular cover) and by two clips on the left. Once the handle is removed you can access the screws of the upper bar holding the door. Turn the whole thing to the left and then tighten the screws. Check the movement of the door. If it works well, then reassemble everything.

On my car now it closes as on the 1st day.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I managed to adjust the door support plate after partially removing the 'handle'. The screws were loose despite evidence of 'thread lock' on both screws. After refitting the screws with 'thread lock', used an open spanner to rotate the top of the door hinge forward as far as it would go, loading it when tightened the screws. There is an additional hole through both the door and support plate which with a pin pushed in may have been used to locate the support plate in production. Pulled fully forward the plate moved slightly past the holes being in line. I drilled 3/16 ins through and pop riveted the plate to door - that should help stop it moving again! Having pulled the top of the door in as far as possible, when closed, it loaded the door seal very nicely and no longer rattles. After adjusting the door top the front bottom corner fouled against the car body so the lower door support also needed adjusting.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I have a Partner (2005). The rubber covers on the rear door handles are perished and split on both sides mainly because of passengers squeezing them when closing the doors.

      Do you know where I can get just the rubber covers?

      The dealer will only replace the complete door handle assembly which is around £60 each!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      You can do this trick much easyer...

      Just open the door halfway and give the cuppercorner (were the arm is possisioned) a big bit gentile push.

      Close the door and see if its okay now, if its not, repeat the push till its okay.

      this all is done within 30sec.