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Smartboard Kindergarten Lessons

Updated on January 14, 2014

Find The Perfect Smartboard Lesson For Kindergarteners!

Are you looking for great Smartboard Kindergarten lessons? You've found the right place! Search through a variety of interactive whiteboard lesson plans to choose from for your class. I have listed teaching plans and interactive games for your students to play! Kindergarten activities can range from math to the morning calendar!

Counting Coins Smartboard Lesson

This smartboard lesson is great for teaching about money! There's even a piggy bank that students can drag the appropriate change into for good practice!

Hangman Smartboard Activity

This smartboard lesson activity is great for young children, it's a game AND incorporates spelling!

Musical Group Lesson

This smartboard lesson is absolutely fantastic! Sing-a-long songs, listening activities, echo-singing, call / response, and movement songs guarantee a well-rounded lesson. Kid safe songs!

Rhyming Words Lesson

This lesson is great for teaching your students about rhyming words, it is also very interactive!


This is a great smartboard lesson with different types of graphs you can use with your students!


This smartboard lesson is all about shapes so your students can match and sort them together!

Count Your Chickens

This is a cute activity for Kindergarteners to learn to count!

Shapes Shelf Activity

This smartboard activity involves your students to put the shapes on the right virtual shelf and if it's correct it'll pop into place!

Count Seahorses Activity

This is an interactive activity to do with your students, it also does the talking for you.

Counting Fish

This is a smartboard activity where your students have to count fish...great visuals.

Kindergarten Smartboard Activities

Reading/ Morning Lessons

Morning Kindergarten Agenda

This has plenty of morning activities for your class to do such as calendar, attendance, weather, patterning, graphing, weather, number words, shape recognition, addition, and even place value!

Weather Smartboard Lesson: What Do I Wear?

This is a cute activity where students can drag the appropriate clothing onto a teddy bear and talk about weather!

Vowel Sort

This is a really fun one with short and long vowel sounds, perfect for Kindergarten students.

Rhyming Words

This smartboard lesson is great for teaching your students about rhyming words, it is also very interactive!

Alphabet Smartboard Activity

This is a cool little activity where you can click on a letter in the alphabet and it'll show a picture and say the sound out loud

Analog Clock Smartboard Activity

This is a big clock for your smartboard and you can pick a time to display.

Kindergarten Smartboard Games

Fun Smartboard Activities For Your Students

If you want a quick, easy, and already made activity to do with your kinders, then this list is great to bookmark. Just click on a link and it will bring you to the game. Children of this age love interactive things especially bright and vibrant graphics! They will always remember your class and how much fun they had learning.

Kindergarten Smartboard Videos

Here are some videos of teachers and children actually using the smartboard which can give you some tips on what to do in your own room!

Smartboard Resources

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