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Work smart and not hard, by working with both sides of your brain!

Updated on December 26, 2016

As I was growing up, I was taught to study hard and get good marks in school. I believed my teachers and now professors in my colleges. Even though I tried hard I didn't manage to get high marks. I was just an average student. Perhaps academic success was never meant for me. Whenever I used to watch people working hard I used to wonder, why some people who work hard become successful and why can't the others be? Why does a CEO of a big company works the same 9 to 5 hours and makes more money than a labourer in the field? Then I realized the concept of "Smart Work" from my mentor who is a doctor. He is a Mind Control expert. I learnt quite a few things from him and would like share some here.

Life is easy, we make it difficult. Yes, nature is made to suit us. Have you ever seen an animal who works hard? Nature is ease and peace. If you can't adjust then you do not survive everything else moves on. It's very simple and clear. So it's better to go with nature than against it. To do this we should know what is the core nature we are born with. We should know our strenghts and weaknesses.

According to science we have been given two sides of the brain- Left brain and Right brain. It's imperitive to use both the sides of the brain to succeed.

People who use more of the left brain are :

  • Quiet, emotional, and relationship oriented people.
  • Primary focus is on skills, tools, language, maths, science, pricision logic, only excellence acceptable, back office work, boring work, system creating work, efficient work.

People who use more of the right brain are :

  • Pushy, goals oriented, manipulating oriented people.
  • Primary focus on concepts, designs, ideas, art, culture, flexible logic, ambiguity totally acceptable, front office job, more exciting, shows direct financial results.

Nature has already given you all its blessings in the form of your whole brain intelligence. So why use only one side and remain handicapped all your life? Therefore, develop and use both sides of your brain.

To know which side of the brain is dominant in your life just see your own life's track record of last many years:

'what is that I always enjoyed doing in the past?' 'In which small things did I get excellent results? 'What things people appreciated about my work?'

These are the pointers towards which side of the brain you had been using.

Smart people use both sides of the brain. such people become successful, quite early, quite easily. Others simply remain confused and never grab a chance to realize their full potential.

Once you realize your core temperament you can easily become successful. So in nature nothing is hard work. If you are working hard then you need to use both sides of the brain and work according to your strenghts.


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