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snow, snow everywhere

Updated on February 6, 2013

Lens on a Whim about Snow

I arrived in Virginia, IL with a little cool weather but just a very slight snowfall. I went to bed and wrote my lens for that night. The next morning, I talked to my hubby. When I got up from bed, my Dad informs me that there is snow on the ground. Wasn't supposed to be here until Thursday. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures from inside the house and on the wrap-around porch. Later, after lunch, I got the camera again and took some pictures out in the yard.

Guess who forgot a heavy coat when coming up from Southern Texas and also only brought sandals? Yep, you got it. I did. I will probably have to have my Dad take me to the next town over and get me a coat as it is supposed to be in the 20's tomorrow. Taking the afternoon pictures, I could really feel the cold.

Photo Source - Personal Photo - Copyrighted by GrandmaMarilyn DO NOT COPY or USE IT

Grandma's House Across Street
Grandma's House Across Street

Snow Beautiful Snow

Yes, I know, most of you are tired of the snow already.

I haven't seen snow except on TV for the last 6 years or more. I love to see the snow from the inside of the house where it is nice and warm. So pretty. When it is fresh and clean, it looks like a blanket has been placed on the bushes and trees to keep them warm. Then to watch the children run out to play in the snow as soon as they get home from school. Brings back old memories of when i was young and got to go out and play in the snow. Not anymore, my arthritis took care of that. But, at least, I can watch other people out there enjoying the wonderful snow.

They say we got between 1-3 inches. Dad seems to think we got between 2-3 inches. It is still floating down tonight so Dad will probably be going out to shovel the snow again tomorrow. He can't stand to see the snow on his sidewalks.

Photo Source - Personal Photo - Copyrighted by GrandmaMarilyn DO NOT COPY or USE IT

Aloe Vera Blooming Christmas 2004 in Freer, TX
Aloe Vera Blooming Christmas 2004 in Freer, TX

Christmas 2004 in Deep South Texas

Freer, TX is about 125 miles South of San Antonio, TX and about 65 miles from the Mexico border. For Christmas 2004, my husband and I went to Bedias, TX for Christmas to spend it with friends. While we were gone, Freer, TX had snow that stuck to the ground. This hadn't happened in 100 years or as long as she had lived according to one of the elder citizens here in Freer, TX. According to Wikipedia, the town nearest us (35 miles away) received 12 inches of snow. Wouldn't you know I would miss it.

We are supposed to get some snow from this weird winter we are having this year on Thursday. We will see if this will happen.

Photo Source - Personal Photo - Copyrighted by GrandmaMarilyn DO NOT COPY or USE IT

Lovely Gifts Featuring Snow

In The South

Here are some lovely gifts which feature snow in South Texas.

Snow In Texas 2013 - This is an unusual treat for Texans

Freer, TX Christmas 2004 - Hundred Year Snow fall

This is a collection of pictures from that time period that I put together.

Christmas 2004 at the Ranch - Benavides TX - Not too Far from Freer, TX

What are your feelings about Snow? - I love it but am not around it all the time.

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    • TapIn2U profile image

      TapIn2U 6 years ago

      I love snow! Watching kids playing with the snow is a wonderful sight. Sundae ;-)

    • profile image

      ohcaroline 6 years ago

      I grew up in I had a lot of snow memories. Ice skating, sledding. One thing I always remembered when it snowed, we would put our soft drinks out in the drifts to keep them cool. RC Cola in a snowbank. :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Also, of course, in Illinois its pretty easy to find all things winter and people are prepared for the season. When I hear about snow in Texas, I always think, "Stay off the roads people" because it isn't so common. Well that a reason to live there.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I have never had a winter without snow but I sure would not have thought to bring extra winter clothing to Texas either, your experience is a good reminder to others. The col thing is you had a fun and memorable story to tell.

    • KathyMcGraw2 profile image

      Kathy McGraw 6 years ago from California

      I like the snow...although I don't like it when it starts melting, or turns to ice. Too bad you missed the snow in your hometown, but then again you got to see it anyway :)