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Social sites

Updated on June 9, 2011

Today without a social networking we cannot imagine where we could be .how ever Internet is one of the milestone achieved in the computer field of this information era. In my opinion social networking is the 2nd milestone achieved with Internet we could have exchanged only information but with this kind of social networking we are now able to share everything build new friends ,new networks,working partners, love, care everything.

Social networking is the most crucial part of internetwith this kind of network it is very easy to access any person across the world. we can build our personal network within like school friends net work,working area network,college network etc. Really we owe to these professionals who started social networking

Social networking sites with best features are Facebook,Myspace,Orkut,Digg, these sites are mainly intended for friendly content.

The most revolutionary social network is Twitter Well known as micro blogger.... it is a real work we must appreciate this as inspite of a heavy competition of the earlier social networking websites Twitter came up with a new idea of micro blogging which is worthy and is now among the worlds most famous social networking site . social networking even brought a revolution in other areas of Internet with which there came in to existence websites like Hubpages,flickr..etc

Even income opportunities and Job opportunities are doubled with the social networking sites a huge income on Internet is now with social networking sites do you believe this

Networking websites
Networking websites


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