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Vikings - Soldiers Through Time Unit Study 2

Updated on November 8, 2014

Module 2 of the Soldiers Through Time unit study encompasses the time of the Vikings. Learn the fact and the fiction about these warriors as well as lessons in english, math, science, history, geography and art. An interesting topic with some fun thrown in makes a great lesson!

Module 2: Viking Warriors

The Vikings were people who explored, plundered (pirated) and traded in their legendary ships. The Vikings were of the Norsemen clan who originated in Scandinavia. (modern Denmark, southern Norway and Sweden)

Did You Know?

The word "Viking" in old Norse language means "pirate"

Viking Armor

The Vikings did not have military uniforms. A Viking warrior was responsible for making his own fighting clothes and weapons. Therefore, Viking dress varied from place to place. Similarly though, a warrior''s clothes were designed to allow him to fight without anything getting in the way, protected him from the blows of enemy swords, arrows and spears and kept him warm while traveling.

Did You Know?

Viking helmets did not have horns!

The Vikings were skilled shipbuilders. They built longships (Drakkurs) which were fast warships that could be rowed up river and beached along the shoreline. These ships were also strong enough for long voyages of exploration.

Did You Know?

The largest-known long ship was 229 ft/ 69.8 m long with sixty oarsman and could carry up to 400 men.

The alphabet that the Vikings used was invented by their ancient Scandinavian ancestors. Viking runes weren't written with pen and ink on paper instead, runes were carved with a knife or chisel into stone and wood.

Runes weren't used to write stories but for practical uses, for everyday writing such as labeling household items and personal belongings.

Did You Know?

Rune stones were used by Viking fortunetellers to tell the future or for healing, banishing and blessings.

Norse Mythology

Vikings believed that there were many different gods. These gods were responsible for a different aspect of a Viking*s life, like war, home and the seasons. All the gods lived in a place called Asgard. In Asgard there was a majestic, enormous hall called Valhalla. Here is where the warriors who died in battle would come.

Did You Know?

From some of the Norse gods we get the names of the days of the week.

Vikings and Archaeology

Much of what we now know about the ancient Norsemen has been discovered with archaeology. By piecing together items that the Vikings left behind we can start to see their story come to life.

Dendochronology is tree-ring dating. This science is based on the fact that every growth season a tree adds a new layer of wood to its trunk. Over time, these layers create dark and light "rings" that can be seen when a tree is cut down. Dendochronology can be used to date wooden objects like the wood on a Viking ship.

Did You Know?

In 1960, the remains of a Viking village were discovered on the northernmost tip of the island of Newfoundland.

Try it yourself

Want to learn more? You can download the entire unit study to find out more about the Vikings and also for activities to add some fun into the learning process.

For the complete unit study message us through hedremp at yahoo dot ca

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      6 years ago

      cool lens Vikings i like to read about Vikings


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