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The Human Evolution of “Gravitational Magnetism" and "Life Sustaining Oxygen” of the Space Age

Updated on December 7, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

The anthropologists and sociologists are working broad range of ethnographic studies in the geographic areas of the cultural or indigenous communities for the knowledge- based society particularly in the study of culture of the contemporary time . However,the question remained today is the “cultural life cycle of the modern age” as we call it “ the modern technological age of the 21st century” . The social scientists have never been concerned about the future as they are busy qualitatively searching the past cultural and ethnic relics. The dilemma of the social facts of the future never thought by NASA as no social scientists are present to give the vision and prediction in the next generation as all of them are physical scientists. Here is now the truth from the remnants of what savior's thought the world in the next century to come in the article relating the shared culture:

These are the passive and active forms of social interaction from its origin on indigenous or ethnic communities to modern life as a consequence of technological development that is highly responsive and adaptive for social change by man’s physiologic and biologic processes. The question now is what will be the next evolutionary cycle of the human race as a result of the technological development in the world? This is now the future of the world timeline age after the modern age in the 21st century. The “human gravitational magnetism” and “ self-sustained oxygenated life in space will be the next human evolution of the world …

This is the synthesize interpretation on the passive and active form of social interaction as to its prediction of the modern culture and space age :

These are the passive and active forms of social interaction in shared culture. The modern life has created the possible cultural extinction of the indigenous cultures. However, the social interaction processes and cultural cycle of development for the synergy of the passive and active forms of shared culture will follow if the modern life attributed by the technological inventions and discoveries are finally complemented by the exploration of the space period. The metal, electronic and nuclear technology for the energy and super structure of spacecraft and space habitat are the strategic dimensions in the space age period. These are the major component to sustain possible exploration in the space in its early stage for the space age. In the near future the “Space Age “ will come…. however, the genius scientist should solve to important issues relating to the physiologic and biologic sustenance of human life in space. These are the “gravitational magnetism” and the chemical element of “oxygen” to maintain the human life structure and processes in the space. If no discoveries will happen for centuries then the cultural extinction will lead to human extinction as the timeline of solar burst is ticking to an end. The modern world will live forever in earth space not in the space of the universe.

The ethnic or indigenous communities will surely become the relics of the past as the active form of social interaction prevails as to the physiologic and biologic processes are more aligned to the modern pleasure of life. It will be the age of the beginning as the primitive technology begins to explore the inner world of the space. The world has perfected the production and utilization of electronic technology and nuclear fuel in the advent to go beyond space. However, the dilemma of the spaceships in the future is to solve the “magnetic gravity” and “oxygen” in order to sustain of the biological and physiologic life in space.

With the chemical element of oxygen and physicists discovery of gravitational force in the space in the near future the space age will come in for the future generation. If the two chemical and physical variables of human “magnetism” and “oxygen” on spatial empirical investigation cannot be solved in the near future then that will be the end of the active form of social interaction in the modern life .

However, the discovery of modern magnetic gravitational shield and oxygen content spaceships and space habitat then in the near future the modern age of informational technology will no longer its active form but the transformation on its decay to passive form. The active form is predicated by two variables of the physiologic and biological condition of the space survival.

The scientist should now look into the possibility of discovery and invention of the world “gravitational magnetism” and “oxygen” for the life support in space. The old philosophy of “apple gravity” of Isaac Newton observation but because the intricacies of earth gravitational forces are well aligned by the core of the earth as the nuclear energy and heat by the enormous chemical reactions do the trick in human gravitation. The “oxygen content” for human life in space has partially solved as the possible life structure of plants not monkeys must be the primordial thrusts of the genius scientists to discover how to sustain the oxygenated life conditions of plants and animals. The prophesy of space age will only be a dream…Unless “human gravitational magnetism” and “ sustained oxygen” are fully discovered . Then we have the SPACE AGE…


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