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A Nostradamus Prediction of the Space Age in the 30th Century

Updated on December 9, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

The “Contemporary Republic” Perspectives Beyond 2020

The last mission in the early 2000 of the Shuttle Discovery exploration in space has ended the 1st chapter of human history of the novice space exploration. This is now the ”Contemporary Republic” perspective of the future beyond 2020 for the human society to know what will happen on entire course of space history. When Nostradamus wrote his prediction of the future in his time used the sixth sense, premonition, intellect and divine intervention was perfected by the historical account of the 19th century. Here is account of the same human phenomena as written in the “Contemporary Republic” perspective beyond 2020 on the modern essay through the paradigm shift of “A Nostradamus Prediction of the Space Age in the 30th Century.

The beginning of the 21st century preludes

the development of a mechanical mind

by the famous unknown peoples of the west.

Not even the prediction of Nostradamus

written from the tablet of the sixth sense

of intellect and premonition in the future.

Born by ancestral origin of the west that

recreated the idea of freedom, liberty and

prosperity ignited by the firm belief and wisdom

that until now hold the power of the east and

the west, and produced the astounding genetic

intelligence what is know to man as the by-product

of the information age.

In contemporary time, the wisdom and intellect of

these famous men in the west now spread across the

global continent that now defines the human society

of the 21st century.

Across time and historical incidence the European ancestors

who hold the key of genetic wisdom filled with the same

intellect, wisdom, premonition and race that even the modern

world has changed and explored the sixth sense beyond the

imagination of NASA and empiricists dragons of Asia and

Europe and America that will give a social, cultural and

technological phenomena for the human history for what

is known as the space age.

Beyond 2020, the world will no longer be the same as it was

in 2000 as NASA will be very busy to find the true path of the

world as it ends the shuttle exploration for two decades.

It will be the most exciting transition of the modern life

as the human society will experience and explore beneath

moon’s range of earth’s periphery.

The human society will enjoy the matured transition of the

modern cultures yet the old experience will remain the same

as social exploitation and stratification will pump the heart

and mind of those gifted with power and wealth.

In 2020, the birth of commercial space aviation will begin to

prosper as the wealthy and powerful will be the recipients of

exploring ,touching and experiencing the weightlessness of the

space and its radiance of the planetary system in the periphery

of the solar system.

The age of commercial space aviation development will unfold

the transition phase of the modern culture and commercial aviation

in the space while the next 3 decades will redefine the quality assurance

to entertain the space passengers.

The corporate world will prosper at its zenith as human society will

likely explore and experience the beginning of the age of commercial

space development that will be positively aligned by the CBA, ROI

and technical feasibility of human business thought.

In 2200 to2300, the cultural diffusion, amalgamation and integration

will give way of the transformation of the age of modern cultures

as the evolving space experiences will no longer the best interest of the

space passengers as the human insatiably and diminishing biological

mechanism will dictate by the buzz word of space comfort.

By 2300-2400, the advent of corporate thought will explore the possibility

of the quality space service in the promotion of the space habitat within

the periphery of the earth boundaries as reinvention the business ideas of

space hotels, space capsule, and other space habitat.

In the year 2500, the commercial space aviation industry will mature and

conduct a new form of corporate space exploration on its mineral and chemical

resources in a highly dangerous inter-planetary system exploitation.

By the end of the 2500, the space exploration will continuously expand to

the outside the solar system as the earthly humans will be able to

conduct an advance tangible search beyond the

galaxy and milky way of the universe.

The timeline of the outside peripheral exploration outside

the solar system will consumed in the next three (3) centuries

of development as human habitat will learn

to live deep in space outside the solar system.

The matured space age will be the prelude of

age of peripheral and outside peripheral exploration

as the humanity will be able to perfect the hazardous life

in space and its inter-planetary challenges in the solar system.

It will be the 30th century when perfected the genuine space age.

At the end of the 30th century, the peripheral life of the solar system

and within the space realm of the galaxy and milky way of the universe

will mature by the boundaries of interplanetary system.

The human beings will be the space wanderers of the universe

searching life system of the universe.

The natural truth beyond the cosmic and heavenly forces will provide us the guiding light in the space age that even Nostradamus may not known by any predictive vision on his sixth sense, wisdom and intellect of his time. There is one thing sure that the “Contemporary Republic “perspectives beyond 2020 as the guiding knowledge and intellect by Nostradamus as even experienced by “savior” along the astonishment or amazement of the human society in his prediction of the world future… it is the same word that this hubpages website is founded by the intercession of the holy ghost for human society will know the future of the space age. I tell you now that do not believe any human thought including of the prediction of Nostradamus about any future of the world as only the holy ghost gives us the timeline of the “Revelation” in the touch of the end of the world… Not even the most intelligent scientist of the world would give a concrete prediction of the future in a calculated empirical investigations and highly scientific experiments …. I challenge any notable scientists of Europe, America and Asia that death will not come to them and souls are not within them for the Holy Ghost brings as the intellect for the human rationality as guided by the moral and ethical action to ensure the heavenly life after death.

The prediction of “Nostradamus” and the “Contemporary Republic” beyond 2020 gives us rational enlightenment to prepare the next generation in the right path of space age civilization with stern warning that any time the world will end as what is written by the holy ghost in the “Revelation”. However, the human society will live in the timeline of the prediction of the space age as it is written in this hubpages website…


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