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How to find a Language Partner

Updated on May 13, 2012

To learn to speak German one has to actually practise speaking. Here is how you can find someone to improve your language skills

The most successful German speakers I've met over the last decade were people who managed to establish contacts with Germans outside of the classroom. The best grammar-skills however I've found in those attending classes regularly but being less "social". The best would be to steer a middle course. You can find Germans to speak to if you search for "Tandempartner, Berlin" (or appropriate city). Try a few people and pick the one(s) you click with. There's no limit to how many language partners you can have except your time and capacity to deal with new people. It might feel a bit superficial and not last that long if you two have nothing in common except wanting to speak eachothers language, so be picky and meet several people until you find someone you click with. Don't hesitate to say that it doesn't work out in a nice way as soon as you feel it or just use the usual "I will call you" or the like. People will realize and if not they will learn fast.

Links to Find a Language Exchange Partner

Links About How to do a Tandem



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    • denkmuskel profile image

      Michael Schmitz 6 years ago from Berlin

      You say it's difficult because of it's similarity with English. That is actually a great gift for native English speakers as there are many words and structures in German that can be just concluded without having to learn them. But I also see how similar information can disturb the learning process. In German we even have a word for that: Ähnlichkeitshemmung. That translates more or less like: Inhibition of similar information intake. Your English structure was just very elaborated over the years and if learned without proper guidance by a tutor or very good book your English structure might not give way. It takes time though. Don't expect quick progress. When you come to Berlin, feel free to contact me and we have a chat over some good coffee about life, the universe and everything. 42

    • profile image

      yana91 6 years ago

      I want to speak German with you! I have studied German for 5 years now and I can tell it's quite difficult for me, because of the similarity with English language. Sometimes I use English words when speaking German. Ich mochte zu Deutschland gehen aber Ich weiB Deutsch nicht gut :D