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Spinosaurus vs T-Rex

Updated on April 18, 2013

Spinosaurus vs T-Rex: Who is the fiercest carnivore?

Spinosaurus vs T-Rex. Who was the fiercest dinosaur: T-Rex or Spinosaurus? Spinosaurus was bigger. But was Tyrannosaurus rex stronger? Who do you think would have won? Come and join the debate and vote for the carnivore you think would have won. You'll need to defend your decision with convincing arguments.

If you need to find out more about our contenders try:

T-Rex vs Spinosaurus

Images: Schleich dinosaurs:



Poll: T-Rex or Spinosaurus

It's the late Cretaceous time period. T-Rex

Who would win: T-Rex or Spinosaurus

See results

Spinosaurus was meaner than T-Rex - Spinosaurus would beat T-Rex

The paleontologist Jack Horner says: "Spinosaurus is definitely more ferocious and nastier than T-Rex". Watch this video to find out why Spinosaurus was chosen as the bad guy in Jurassic Park III.

We say: Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus vs T-Rex

Spinosaurus vs T-Rex - Who would win a fight?

T-Rex was meaner than Spinosaurus - T-Rex beats Spinosaurus

Not everyone agrees. This remake of the T-Rex vs Spinosaurus fight in Jurassic Park III has been given a makeover so that T-Rex is victorius.

Warning: This video contains scenes of dinosaurs fighting. It is not pretty.

Battle of Giants Dinosaur Strike

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