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Work, Career Growth and Spirituality

Updated on May 18, 2013

Spirituality is the inherent part of all of us. We are all endowed with the untapped goldmine we call spirituality. While we recognize our mind that determines our thinking and personality, few among us are aware of that deep fountain of ambrosia within us that constantly guides us. However, we rarely pay heed to it or respond to it. Get deeply involved with that source to discover your growth trajectory – personal, financial, emotional, and spiritual.

Spirituality is intricately intertwined with your career. But we often fail to go along the spiritually guided career. Some of us might have realized mid way that we are ordained for a different career and make career change. Most of us may not be as fortunate. Those that are spiritually conscious can make the right career choice right in the beginning.

You might have noticed in your personal life evidences that show the manner in which your guardian angel constantly prepares you for career and career change.

Have you noticed that you constantly aspired for a job. It didn’t come easily. You thought you were highly competent there. But you got lots of offers in sectors you thought you were not competent enough but you eventually excelled there without much effort.

You hated your job because you thought it was forced upon you, but came to like it eventually. And you loved the job that you always aspired but eventually came to hate it.

These were no accidents. For there are no accidents in the universe. These were actually the experiences to learn from designed by your guardian spirits. No university can ever offer the learning experience of the kind you underwent. This fact becomes plainly evident to those that develop their psychic abilities.

Remember those difficult moments when you needed a job badly but didn’t get any. You might have probably thought during those times that the world was a cruel place. You might have lost faith in an omnipotent, omniscient and infinitely loving God. However, you might have sweet memories of those times later when in some profession you realized how well everything fell into place. You could have been fortunate as you might realize for not having landed with the job that you wanted at that time.

I am reminded of the story of Swami Vivekananda. He was a great religious leader from India that left a deep impact at the Parliament of Religions, Chicago in 1893. Before taking to a monastic life, he did well in studies and aspired for a job. Unfortunately, his father died when he was still in college. Being the eldest son in the family he was suddenly burdened with grave family responsibilities apart from the fact that they lived a well to do life but were penniless now. He wandered across the streets of Calcutta with his CV, from one office to the next, in the hope of finding a job, but none came his way. No matter he had graduated with excellent scores and even his professors were awed by his academic excellence.

His spiritual guru Shri Ramkrishna Paramhamsa had already told him that he was not there for a job or to lead a householder's life. He was ordained for the life of a monk, no matter how much he tried otherwise.

It is evident that then that job we search after in vain may not be for us. We might possibly be stationed for a different job. A rather wise move for the job seekers would be to walk over the job they are not getting anyway as smoothly as we pass stations without stopping in our journey.

It would be rather wise and prudent to delve deep into our inner consciousness to find what rightfully belongs to us. This is the approach that let us feel at peace with yourself. It makes you more confident and more in command of your self. As we develop the gift of psychic ability the process of letting go what is not for us and acquiring what truly belongs to us will come naturally.

When you recognize your inherent psychic ability you can take steps to enhance your self spiritually. You might then possibly know the right job for you or whether you need a job change.

There are, some signs however, to let you know whether or not you are moving in the direction you should be moving in your search after a job or career.

• If you feel an inner joy and satisfaction at the think and visualization of a job that job is probably meant for you.

• Use the method of visualization to imagine you're performing the job. If you find yourself cheerful, vibrant and energetic that job is probably meant for you.

• Look for synchronities, and mesages like your friends, family and even strangers telling, “You will make an excellent….” (Social worker, nurse, teacher, counselor etc.).

• Find a place to sit quietly (a room or somewhere no one can disturb). Close your eyes and take deep breaths slowly. Meanwhile let the images of different jobs pass through your mental screen that you're watching closely. The image that came most vivid and clear is probably the job you are meant for.

• You might do well to maintain a dream diary? Begin writing your dreams as much as you can remember as you wake up. Read and analyze whatever you have written after an interval of several weeks. Continue with the diary writing. Your diary might offer you some clues as to what job might belong to you.

Your career is something that goes with your personality. If your career doesn't satisfy your inner self, you probably need a career change at this stage. Your psychic abilities is your guide to career change provided you know how to make use of it.


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