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Stratified sampling

Updated on August 10, 2014
Strauta means the small gtoup of same sample from a population. In each stratum the sample size and characteristics is similar. In a sampling process if the whole population is classified into different classess according to sample characteristics and sample are taken from each strautum as a representative of whole population to draw a conclusion is called stratified sampling. Stratified sampling is a reliable technique of sampling. This effort is minimising the time of sampling and cost of the sampling. In terms of geographical context usually stratified sampling method is uses. In a sampling method consider if we take a person from each village from a district, it is a stratified sampling method. Another example is that if we classify the population on the basis of their income low income, medium income and high income group and take sample from each income group, it is also a stratified sampling.

example of stratified sampling

Stratified samplings good examples may be collecting few data on sales executive turnover rate from the questionary of different strauta of respondent.


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