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Have You heard?

Updated on October 1, 2013

*Playing chess without looking at the board, was popular in Persia and India in 8th century

* With the help of X-rays it's determined that there are three different versions of the Mona Lisa despite this one we see megascopic

* Jeans is named after the English accent of Italian city Genova where are first clothes of this cotton material made

* Vincent Van Gogh cut off his own left ear, but on his self-portrait with the bandage seems like he cut off right ear, because, he was looking on the mirror while painting

* Average life of Nile crocodiles in the wild is 45 years, while in captivity they can live up to 80 years

* First police forces were established in Paris 1667

* South African republic produces three-quarters of the total amount of gold in the world

* Joy of eating chocolate use to be considered as devilish Challenge

* Jimmy Carter was the first U.S. president born in the maternity hospital

* The cricket female can hear the call of a male at a distance of 400 meters

* In Lazar's cave, in east Serbia, live 23 of the 27 species of bats known in Europe

* Male alsatlan spider eats older females who can no longer fertilize

* First television transmission between GB and USA was made by Scottish inventor John Logie Baird in 1928

* Butterfly valley on Rhodes inhabits endemic tiger butterfly, who completely cover tree bark in the summer

* Warlpiri people of South Australia don't use numbers and there's no word for them. The number of children has been described with - many, and the distance with - songs

* Movie "Paris, Texas" was forbiden in Paris, Texas, just after the first appearance in the cinema

* First book typed on the machine before the publication was "The adventures of Tom Sawyer" in 1876

* Coffee was firstly mentioned around 1000 year. At first, it was used as a medicine, and later, in Persia and Arabia began to drink for pleasure

* Julisis Grant (1822-1885), U.S. president, was fined for speeding. He rode through Washington with a horse carriage, and the punishment amounted to $ 5

* In appreciation to Harrison Ford for the role of narrator in a documentary about London's Natural History Museum, the institution's named newly discovered species of spider as Calponia Harrisonfordi

* The oldest cat in the world, Pus, died in 1939, she was 36 years, and one day old

* Robin Hood is the process in archery when the arrow stucks in the second arrow that is already located in the center

* Hitler and Napoleon had per one testicle

* All tigers have yellow-orange eyes, except the white tigers whose eyes are blue

* Eyes of the seahorse can spin independently one of another

* From the man's skin during the 70 years of his life, wastes about 50 kg of the smallest, almost invisible skin parts

* In Italy James Bond is well-known as "Kiss-Kiss=Bang-Bang"

* In Papua New Guinea there are villages only 5 km away from each other, and their inhabitants speak different language

* Jamaica in translation means "land of wood and water", named by the Indians, first settlers who came from South America

* The average person spends about two weeks of life waiting for the traffic-lights change

* In medieval England it was expected from guests to bring their own knives for dinner

* Wigs, carried only by GB lawyers theese days, were favorite fashion accessory in the 16th century. Queen Elizabeth 1 had more than 80 wigs

* Egg of ferruginous has no regular, oval shape, and it can't be rolled down the cliff, it just keeps going in circles

* Cells from moose antlers has the fastest growth in the whole nature

* Farsi was a Persian word which means Persian language

* The branch of science that studies flags is called Vexillology

* 879 metres is the longest measured underground tunnel excavated by badgers

* Man needs 300 milliseconds to become aware of appearance of a new subject

* Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is the fifth city in the world by the number of Greeks who live in it

* Congo is the only river that flows Northerly and Southly of the Equator

* One specie of Australian wasp is called "aha-ha"

* More calories are spent during the sleep than while watching television

* Yellow-eyed penguin from New Zealand is the rarest penguin specie. It is believed that there are only 5,000 left

* Famous King Arthur's Round Table had space for 150 knights

* Person annually blinkes about 84 million times

* Right-handed people choose a better place in theatre and mostly sit on the right side, because the right part of the brain is responsible for processing visual and emotional information

* Half of the world's population has seen at least one James Bond movie

* Bat's leg bones are so thin, they could never walk

* Musicians used picks in the ancient times, when the guitar and the lira were leading string instruments

* Favorite color for the eye lens is blue

* The most common name and surname in Italy is Mario Rosi

* Bees throughout the year maintain the temperature of the struts of 34'C

* Catchup is firstly made in China

* First Europian who saw New Zeland is Abel Tasman, 1642, but James Cook was the first one who set the foot there

© 2013 Marina Ivankovic


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