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student Day

Updated on May 2, 2016

student Day

Since the Middle Ages, guilds celebrate their day. These celebrations were related to the patron saint of each profession. The musicians celebrated the day of St. Cecilia, November 22. While the December 1st reminded goldsmiths San Eligio, their patron saint. The custom of each guild celebrates its day remains, though stripped of the religious element. But how Student Day originated? It was from the proposal Salvador Debenedetti, President of the Student Center of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. In 1902, Debenedetti (18) proposed that its power would be held in the "Student Day" on September 21 as a tribute to Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. What had to do the Father of the Classroom with the date? On September 21, 1888, his remains arrived in Buenos Aires after being repatriated from Asuncion (died on September 11).

The idea of ​​student Debenedetti, which later became an archaeologist renombre- was imposed, first of its faculty and then in others. The first 21 student university in September were limited to acts in which the speakers extolled the efforts of students. It was also the custom, all over the country, young people carry a wreath to the monument to Sarmiento.

A few years later, in January 1908, the First Congress of Students Sudamericanos meeting in Montevideo established that date to celebrate their day. On September 21, 1908, Uruguayan students took the initiative and invited his Brazilian to his country to even entertain them. This made the celebrations in our land take another path. Students of the city of La Plata Buenos Aires invited students to a walk in the woods. Others came out to walk around the Tigre Delta (as we see in the main photo). Others performed plays. Every year poster contests in which usually sacrifice the student is reflected or caricatured examination table will be organized. In several parts of the country the student troupes emerged.

student Day


student Day


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