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Dependencies among the living organs and the environmental facts

Updated on November 24, 2014

Animals are dependent on each other

An unsacred relation have been established among the living organism and the environment. Any raptures of the any relationship can destroy a lot. From long since ago established a relation with each plants with each specific animals. In such relationship each plants or animals gains advantage from each other. In absence of each elements other can destroy or die forever. Maintaining the normal stage of ecosystem each elements are important to remaining its existancy. Think about the dangerous facts what may happen if only a sily looking insects loses its existancy in the world. Anyone if wonder about thinking of the loosing of existancy of human being from the world it will not an abnormal thinking. If one element of ecosystem if loses its existancy, another will be loses its existancy which was dependent on it for survival. With the loosing of the existancy this elements results the loosing of another elements.


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