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It is impossible to get learned if we read only what we like

Updated on April 11, 2016

Our knowledge has been developed by many ways: experiences in life, relationship among friends, travelling but, above all, reading books has contributed a large part in the development of our mind.

Some people only read what they like. For instance, they read only romantic novels. Their knowledge is, therefore, confined to sob stories and being imbued with romantic feelings, their spirit becomes weak, unable to overcome obstacles in life.

The world around us is changing permanently. If we only read what we like, we will become, sooner or later, backward. Our knowledge will be limited and finally we are only narrow-minded people.

Living in this fiercely competitive society, if we want to get success in life, we must always improve our knowledge by many ways: learning at school, learning form friends and teachers are reading books on various aspects will bring us he most useful things although it requires strenuous efforts. We should always bear in mind that good books are a source of invaluable knowledge.

For me, my favorite hobby is reading books. All most in my free time is reserved for reading. I am Jenn on reading books on every aspect: literature, science, sociology, philosophy, archeology and so on.

Books bring me boundless knowledge of my county, humans and the world, not only at present but also in the past. Through books I always find out noble feelings, advice and encouragement. Books share with me my sorrow and my disappointment.

In conclusion, reading books brings us many benefits. The more books on different aspects we read, the more well-versed we become. Reading books makes man sit closer together. If, in the future, we'll become useful citizens to our society, it is, to a large extent, due to our reading books. Oh! What marvelous books.


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