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10 Success And Inspire Quotes

Updated on December 31, 2010

Key Of Success: Success And Inspire Quotes

Successful quotes may be short and sound simple, but they will really works if you know the true meaning behind the quotes and work on it. These quotes is not the key to success, instead it is the door of success. The effort and work you are willing to put in to work on the success quotes is the key of success, it will help you open the door of succees.

People have been wondering how successful people like Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Woody Allen, Lance Armstrong and others succeed in career and life. What is their real secrets? There is actually no secrets to become a successful person, all you have to do is work extra hard master your skills to be successful in what you want to achieve even Buddha have its own quotes that will teach you how to be successful in life. Michael Jordan have made a quotes: "I failed over and over in life, this is why I am successful now.", this is a quote that everyone should understand and follows it.

So this is one of my own success quote: "The key of success is not the success and inspiring quotes, it is the effort and hard work you willing to work on the quotes".

In this lens, I will show you 10 successful quotes made by 10 successful person and explain it briefly what it means in my own words hopefully everyone of you can understand it and remember the quotes to help you to be successful on Squidoo too.

I am not really very successful at Squidoo, but I am trying very hard to work on it!

Woody Allen: 80% Of Success Is Showing Up. - Success And Inspire Quotes

This quote is made by Woody Allen, he said that 80% of success is showing up. I will add another line to its quote, 80% of people does not want to be successful.

Now lets get back to Woody Allen quotes, it means that if you want to succeed, you really have to show up and you cannot hide and fear. A lot of people want to achieve something, but in the end they are lack of confidence and does not want to try. This is why I say 80% of people does not want to be successful. The rest of the 20% is to do your best and better than others, then the voctory is yours.

Woody Allen on Woody Allen
Woody Allen on Woody Allen

Read the book of Woody Allen talking about his carreer and learn more about how he became successful.


Jack Canfield: Success Principle Always Work, If You Successfully Work On It. - Success And Inspire Quotes

This quote is made by Jack Canfield. You already heard the quotes at the beginning of my lens. Successful Principles will always work, but saying it is not work, you need to really work on it. Here a simple example:" You want to build 20 lens this month, it will only happens if you really work and build it!".

The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

This is another book written by Jack Canfield, he will teach you more things on how to become successful and teach you how to exercise a successful positive mind.


John Wooden: Success Is Peace Of Mind, Knowing You did Your Best. - Success And Inspire Quotes

This quote is made by John Wooden, what he mean is not asking you to give up, knowing you did your best. From what I know about this quote is that he means:" You need to have patience, do not give up if your result is not there yet. You need to understand you did your best, so you need to keep on trying and sooner your result will appear".

Success does not only takes 1 or 2 days to achieve, it takes a very long time. But you can achieve it with a peace of patient mind.

Buddha: It Is Better To Conquer Yourself Rather Than Win Thousand Wars, Then Victory Is Yours. - Success And Inspire Quotes

This quotes is made by Buddha, it means that sometimes you have to control yourself and work on your goals fairly. A lot of people out there tends to lose their mind when they want to achieve something and end up hurting somebody. So they end up achieving something unfairly jsut because you lose your mind for something you want badly, but in the end you can't even control yourself. How can you achieve your victorys if you cannot even control yourself?

Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment (Enlightenment Series)
Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment (Enlightenment Series)

Read about buddha teaching and learn how to have a more peaceful mind, helping you to relax and learn to become more happy no matter what happens. As a buddhism, I have learn a lot of teaching by Buddha that teach us to become more happy with our life and cherish it.


Thomas Edison: You Have To Know The Rules And Play Better Than Anyone Else. - Success And Inspire Quotes

A quote made by Edison, it means you need to know what are the things you should work on and avoid when you want to work on a goal. After you know what you should work on and avoid, you need to do your best.

I don't think I need to explain what he means by play better than anyone else, I am sure everyone of you knows what it means.

Edison: A Life of Invention
Edison: A Life of Invention

Read about Edison life and learn how he came up with ideas by knowing the rules, this is a good book to learn a few ways to become successful.


Michael Jordan: I Failed Over And Over Again In Life, The Is Why I Succeed. - Success And Inspire Quotes

A quote made by Michael Jordan. Which means you need to keep trying and trying if you want to achieve succeed, because this is the best way to achieve what you want.

Another meaning in this quotes that I found out is that you nothing is really easy in life if you really want to be successful. There are a lot of obstacles in your journey to succeed, sometimes if you step on it you have to stand up and learn from the mistakes. So the more times you fail, you will know how to avoid more mistakes and you will become more successful.

From what I know, Michael Jordan use to keep training his basketball shooting skill during his high school at the basketball, he keep standing at the same spot and keep training his shooting and accuracy skills for 2 hours a day.

Have Your Ever Give Up Halfway On Something You Did?

See results

George Burns: I Rather Be A Failure In Something I Love, Rather Than Succeed In Something I Hate. - Success And Inspire Quotes

This quote have 2 meanings from my point of view.

First meaning: Everyone should play fair, so when you lose you would feel better that you did try your best without cheating. If you achieve something unfairly, you will never be happy even if you achieve it, you will have a feeling of guilt.

Second Meaning: A good loser is better than a bad winner. When you lose and respect your opponents, you feel more happy and respected. But if you are a winner and disrespect your opponent, you won't get respected by people.

George Burns: In His Own Words
George Burns: In His Own Words

Read about George Burns own ways to plan for waht he want to achieves and how he works on it, this book tells us what George Burns do to achieve his goals.


Vidal Sassoon: The Only Place Where Success Come Before Works Us Dictionary. - Success And Inspire Quotes

By Vidal Sassoon, what it means is that 'success' is just a word, keep saying it without action is nothing, you need to work on something then you achieve the real success. Because success will never come before work, they will only come after work.

So do not keep saying or thinking you want to succeed, you have to work on it to achieve what you want. Heres an example : "You should create at least 50 lens before thinking of being a squidoo giant, if you have not created 50 lens yet, squidoo giant is just a word in your mind."

Cutting Hair the Vidal Sassoon Way, Revised Edition
Cutting Hair the Vidal Sassoon Way, Revised Edition

Read this book about Vidal Sassoon's Hairstyling Carreer.


Lance Armstrong: To Win The Tour I Have To Be Willing To Ride When No One Else Wants To - Success And Inspire Quotes

By Lance Armstrong, what he means that you should work on something you want to achieve no matter what happens and do not let anybody pull you down.

This problem happen to a lot of people especially kids in school, sometimes you want to achieve something but you stop doing it because your friends does not want to try it, it is a form of psychologic things that brought us down. Control your mind and do not let your friends negative attitude control you.

Sir Winston Churchill: Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference - Success And Inspire Quotes

Sometimes many of us forget how important is attitude, but with a bad attitude you will have a very low chance to success. If a person have a very good attitude of keep wanting to try, he will keep trying on what he want to achieve. If a person have a bad attitude of not wanting to try, he will most likely does not want to achieve what he wants to achieve or give up very easily halfway.

So you need to have a good attitude on your way to achieve what you want, so you will have more chances to achieves what you want.

My Early Life: 1874-1904
My Early Life: 1874-1904

Read about the early life of Sir Winston Churchill and also his positive and good attiudes that help him achieve what he wants.


Success Quotes Compilation Video. - Success And Inspire Quotes

I did not make all the 10 quotes above by myself, it is made by all the successful people around the world. I am just sharing what I understand from the quotes to everyone of you, take a look at all the success quotation compilations made by every successful people around the world in this video.

Feel free to share your own quotes that you use to motivate yourself too!

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      I love the Woody Allen quote.

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      Very good lens; glad that I found it here!

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      Im just love reading quotes and try to incorporate them in my life. Great lens

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      I thoroughly enjoyed the video at the end.

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      Love the quotes and the layout of this lens.

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      Nicely done! Love the quotes.