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Titles for Summer Library and Classroom Bulletin Boards and Displays

Updated on June 11, 2011


Here's a collection of great titles to create summer bulletin boards for your school or public library, or your classroom. Below each title are related suggestions for images, books, etc.). Scroll down to the Table of Contents to navigate to specific topics.

Why create bulletin boards and displays in libraries and classrooms? For libraries, it's important to create a stimulating and inviting space for patrons, and draw attention to available media and people resources, showing that libraries are not merely a luxury, but a true necessity. Classroom bulletin boards and displays are important for teaching, creating a stimulating environment for students and staff, encouraging great student work, and raising self-esteem by displaying student-created items.

The titles listed have been gleaned from many sources, including my own bulletin boards and displays, colleagues, and Internet sources. Over time, more titles will be added, so keep checking back!

Backyard and Beyond

  • Back to Nature

    [plants / trees / camping equipment]

    Book Barn

    [barn / animals / farm tools / farm equipment]

    Camp Out with a Good Book

    [tent / camping gear]

    Chill Out with Chick Lit

    [lounge chairs / cool drinks / sun / sun umbrellas]

    Cool Books for Hot Days

    [refrigerator / cool drinks / sun]

    Dig, Plant, Water & Grow

    [garden / flowers / seeds / plants / seed packets / vegetables / trees]

    A Garden of Great Reading

    [plants / flowers / gardening tools]

    Hang In There, Summer is Coming! While You’re Waiting, Try Reading Some of These Great Books!

    [clothes line / summer clothing]

    Have a Tee-riffic Summer

    [t-shirts / clothesline / clothespins]

    Here’s the Dirt on Plants

    [plants / gardening tools]

    Hot Days – Cool Books

    [refrigerator / cool drinks / sun]

    I’m Bored! What Can I Do?

    [summer outdoor toys / swimming pool / beach / sand / sports equipment / picnic items]


It's Never Too Early to Start Your Summer Reading

[swimming gear / lawn chairs / flip flop shoes / hats / sunglasses]

Click on the photo to see a larger version, and related photos on Flickr.

  • Just Ducky!

    [ducks / pond]

    No Matter How You Slice It, These Are Great Books!

    [apples / watermelon / oranges / lemons


No Time to Read? Try a Short Story or Short Novel

[shorts (real or paper cutouts) / clothesline / clothespins]

Click on the photo to see a larger version, and related photos on Flickr.

  • One in a Melon


    Plan for Good Times This Summer – Remember to Read!

    [ lawn chairs / cool drinks]


Quench Your Thirst for Knowledge - READ


Click on the photo to see a larger version in Flickr.

  • Summer Reads Make Me Feel Fine

    [music notes / beach items]

    Sun-Sational Books

    [sun / sunglasses]

    What’s Your Flavour?

    [ice cream scoops with book genres]

Beach, Swimming and All Things Tropical

  • Aloha-Ha-Ha! Books That Will Make You Laugh

    [Hawaiian items / palm trees / beach items]

    Beach Babes

    [palm trees / beach items / bathing suits]

    Beach Reads

    [palm trees / beach items / bathing suits]

    Dive Into Reading

    [divers / swimmers / water / pool / beach / dolphins / whales / submarines]

    Hot Summer Reads

    [sun / beach ]

    Make a Splash with These Books!

    [water / beach / bathing suits / waterslides / pools]

    Sail Into Reading

    [sailboats / water]

    Those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

    [beach items]


  • Bee Happy! Catch the Reading Bug!

    [bees / hives]

    Buggy About Books


    Buzz Off! I’m Reading!

    [bees / behives]

    Buzz Worthy Books

    [bees / behives]

    Catch the Reading Bug


    Critter Fun


    Debug Your Brain – READ!


    Don’t Bug Me, I’m Reading!


    Let the Book Bugs Bite


    Swarm Into the Library to Catch the Reading Bug


    We’ve Gone Buggy!


    What’s In Your Backyard?

    [insects / garden / pools]

National Holidays

  • Get Fired Up For These Books (July 4 - USA Independence Day)


    O Canada! (July 1 - Canada Day)

    [flags / maple leaf symbols]

School's Out

  • Finals Looming – Study Tips Blooming

    [study guides / flowers]

    Thank you, Teachers, for Shaping Our Futures

    [shapes with words such as wisdom, patience, kindness, dedication, enthusiasm, perseverance and love]


  • Are We There Yet?

    [travel guides / maps / airplane tickets / road signs / airplanes / cars / globes / suitcases]

    Get Carried Away – Read!

    [birds / butterflies / kites / hot air balloons]


    [summer outdoor activity items / swimming pools / picnic items / city guides / festival lists / day trip guides]

    Travel the World This Summer in the Pages of a Book

    [suitcases / passports / maps / travel guides / globes / airplanes / ships / cars / roadway]

    What’s Your Destination?

    [suitcases / passports / maps / travel guides / globes / airplanes / ships / cars / roadway]

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