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Sun Symbols and Gods of Light

Updated on January 22, 2013

Sun Signs and Symbols

The sun has always held a powerful place in human religion and mythology. It is a symbol of life, illumination, creation, and power. It sustains life itself, nurtures our crops, and leads us through the darkness into the dawning of a bright new day.

The sun also represents the merging of the universe's dual natures; bonding together both male (solar) and female (lunar) energies in perfect harmony.


sun circle
sun circle

Astronomical Sun Sign:

Seen as a circle with a dot (bindu) in the center.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the circle represents the female energy and the bindu (dot) represents the male energy. When the symbols are merged as one it represents the universal union of male and female forces.

In the 17th century alchemists combined geometric symbols to cast spells and work magic. The circle and dot is the alchemical symbol for gold, which was thought to be the absolute physical and spiritual perfection of all matter.



Tibetan Sun Charm

Amulet Original Tibetan Magic OM Sun Symbols Pendant Necklace
Amulet Original Tibetan Magic OM Sun Symbols Pendant Necklace

This Pendant is Absolutely Unique, One of the Kind and Special. It is Handcrafted Directly in Tibet with Love and Care making your Amulet Individual, Magic and Precious.

solar cross
solar cross

Sun Cross

"The sun is but a morning star." ~ Henry David Thoreau

The solar or sun cross is probably one of mankind's oldest religious symbols. Depicted around the world in all ancient cultures. This sacred circle filled with a cross, four equal lines pointing from the center was the first calendar and represented the four seasons.

The lines also represent north, east, south, and west - or the basic elements of earth, water, air, and fire. The sun cross is also known as the solar cross, the Native American Medicine Wheel, the Christian Celtic Cross and the Odin's Cross from northern Europe.

Celtic Cross

10" Irish Blessing Celtic Wall Cross
10" Irish Blessing Celtic Wall Cross

Irish Blessing Celtic Cross Figurine Statue. This Irish blessing cross will make a great gift for any home.

yin and yang
yin and yang

Conjoined Sun and Moon:

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." ~ Maori Proverb

The sun and moon symbol, commonly referred to as Yin and Yang, is also known as the "Taiqi". It is a circle divided equally into black and white teardrop shaped or S shaped sections.

The sun and moon seen together represent the earths cyclical nature and the merging of opposites. It is the marriage of the yang (male) sun and the yin (female) moon and symbolizes harmony, balance and unity.

Within the black is a small circle of white and in the white a small circle of black. These circles represent the dual nature inherent in everything. Nothing is absolute, in the universe, or in life, nothing is as simple as black or white. Each exists in the other and each needs the other to exist.

sun god
sun god

Ancient Sun Gods

Chinese Ten Suns- (Sons)

In Chinese culture, the sun is a male, yang energy and is made of fire, while the moon is a feminine, yin energy. According to legend, ten brother suns, one each day, are carried across the sky by their mother in a chariot pulled by dragons.


Egyptian: Horus, Ra or Re

In ancient Egypt the sun's journey is represented by Horus (rising sun), Ra (mid-day sun) and Osiris (setting sun).

Ra or Re - Ra is considered to be the most important of the sun gods. It is said that man was born from the tears of Ra and that the sun itself was created from his eye (the "Eye of Ra"). Ra was usually seen as having a falcon's head crowned with a golden sun disc.

Greek: Apollo or Helios

In Greek mythology Helios was the god of the sun. He was depicted as a young man with a halo and long robes, standing tall in his majestic horse driven chariot. He rose to the sky from the east to bring forth the dawn and finished his journey in the west to bring about dusk.


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