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Survival tools – include these tools in your survival checklist and be the MacGyver of the woods!

Updated on October 1, 2010

If you’re going to make a trip to the woods, you probably have a short checklist.  Compass, map, flashlight and the list goes on.  Most people as a survival project have a list of ten “must-haves” and you should do the same.  These are the things that can help you survive a weekend of camping, hunting and the likes.  While they can make your trip comfortable and bearable, there are unforeseen things where you would need more than your survival kit.  But if you pack these survival tools, you’ll be sure to have everything that you need to make basically anything.

Sharp knife

If you can only bring one thing, bring a sharp knife. It can do basically anything. You can open your MRE’s, chop some thin woods, skin squirrels and even defend yourself using a good knife. If you’re hungry and you ran out of MRE’s, catch some squirrels using a trap that you made with your knife and skin them to prepare them for cooking. Use the knife to gather woods so you can create a fire for cooking. There are a lot of brands available so make sure to choose the one you’re most comfortable with. Better yet, you can make your own so that it’s really built for you.

Hunting machete

A hunting machete will do the bigger jobs that your knife will have difficulties with. Clear your path by hacking away bushes and fallen branches. It can also help you gather firewood so you can create a fire that you can use for cooking or keeping you warm at night. If you’re thirsty, you can use it to hack at a water vine.

A good machete is almost as effective as an axe when it comes to gathering thin pieces of wood. You can also use it to trim the wood by shaving off unwanted branches. You can build a comfortable shelter using a machete. You have everything you need to build shelter in the woods. You just need a good tool to build one.

If you need something for hunting, you can make a quick spear or stake using a machete. With a little practice, you can use it to hunt smaller animals and you can even fish with it.

Fire starter

A fire starter is one of the most important survival tools around. You will need fire to survive in the jungle and there will be times when the conditions don’t permit fire starting by the use of friction. You can bring a paraffin candle or even fire starter tablets. But nothing beats a good box of waterproof matches. If you think they’re too expensive, just buy those strike-anywhere matches and store them in a waterproof container. With a good fire, you can do a lot of things that can help your survival. This is why having the knowledge and the tools needed to start a fire is one of the most important survival skills that you should learn.

Fishing tool

There’s a good chance that you’ll stumble upon a lake when you’re out in the wilderness. If you have a fishing tool in your bag, you can catch a few fish for dinner. You can check out those hunting fishing kits which are small enough to pack in your bag.  

If you prefer, you can just go hobo-fishing by using a fishing line wrapped around a tin can.

These are 4 tools that you should include on your survival checklist.  As you probably noticed, you can easily bring them with you without the need for extra bags.  You can put the fishing tool and fire starter inside your bag together with your survival kit.  You can clip the machete on your belt using a sheath so you can pull it out whenever you need to.  The knife can go inside your pocket or you can also put it on a belt clip.  With these survival tools together with your kit, you can do anything you want and need in the wilderness.


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    • Friend of Friends profile image

      Friend of Friends 7 years ago

      Insect repellent essential for jungle survival

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      A flaslight would be a good thing to have also...and water;)