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Swarovski's Heritage Series

Updated on October 12, 2010

Swarovski's Heritage Series

The Swarovski company is world famous for its superior quality cut crystals, and complimentary sets are released every so often.

Swarovski's Heritage series is a jewellery set consisting of beautiful sparkling flowers in soft pinks purples and silvers.

The series' components include a necklace, pendant, ring, and brooch, but everything is so far only available individually. There are also only 2 flower designs for the set, with the necklace being the only item with slightly different colours, shape, and cord.

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Heritage Necklace

Heritage Necklace
Heritage Necklace

The Heritage Necklace is a beautiful piece, with irregularly shaped crystals in purples, silvers and greys surrounding small crystal chatons set in Pointiage. It is strung on silver silk-satin threads, and finished with a silver extender chain with a dainty little swan charm on the end.

The drop on this necklace is larger than the flower drop on the 'Heritage Pendant'.

Swarovski's Standard Heritage Design - The design used for the pendant, ring, and brooch

Swarovski Heritage
Swarovski Heritage

The rest of the items in the Heritage series all share the same gorgeous design, which is smaller and more pink-oriented than the Necklace. Each petal is a different colour, being of Satin, Amethyst, Light Amethyst and Silver Shade crystals.

Need some earrings? - Pick out a suitable pair

Seeing as the set doesn't contain earrings, you'll need to search out a pair in a colour that will complement your Heritage Item. For best results, choose a colour that is already in the item, but in a subtle shade so as to not draw too much attention away from the flower.


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