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Tarot Bags For Your Tarot Decks

Updated on February 9, 2014

Tarot Bags - Why You Absolutely Need Them

Tarot bags are absolutely great to have if you are either a:

- tarot reader

- tarot deck collector

- both

If you have any kind of relationship to tarot and you have at least a tarot deck, getting for it a tarot bag symbolizes your love for the deck. Also it makes you feel closer to the craft in general. For some people it even is a sign that they're serious about reading the tarot.

I have over 20 tarot decks at home and each has its own unique tarot bag. The tarot bags protect the cards and store them safely. Let's face it, while most tarot decks are not overly expensive, they are quite valuable to us, tarot readers. So we do like to keep them in a good condition. Plus these tarot bags are just so cute! Some are made of velvet, others of silk or cotton, and each has its own positive energy that is transmitted onto the card.

Shown here is the Smiling Moon Embroidered Tarot Bag.

tripple goddess velvet tarot bag
tripple goddess velvet tarot bag

Tripple Goddess Velvet Tarot Bag

This is one of the tarot bags I have at home. It's velvety (not quite made of real velvet though) and it feels great to the touch.

It is sturdy and solid, and can hold the cards really well. You can keep a tarot deck and your spread cloth as well. My favorite color is purple, so getting this back was a no brainer for me. I love purple, every shade of it!

As a matter of fact, I have two of these bags, in one I keep one of my tarot decks and the other bag holds my learning runes with it (why do I find runes more difficult to read than tarot cards?)

Tai Chi Velvet Tarot Bag
Tai Chi Velvet Tarot Bag

T'ai Chi Velvet Tarot Bag

The T'ai Chi velvet tarot bag is another one I have which holds a very dear tarot deck for me, the Ancient Egyptian Tarot. To be honest, the bag is big enough that it can hold 2 tarot decks in it quite comfortably.

One of the reasons why I love the yin yang symbol on this bag is because I am also a Reiki practitioner and I work with energy all around me.

It is a really lovely deck in a dark blue velvety material that feels extremely soft to the touch. However the soft feel hides the fact that the bag is strong and won't let you down when you need it most.

Cleansing And Storing Your Tarot Decks

Tarot decks need cleansing and cleaning for different reasons. For one, you might be using your deck a lot, and that leaves various marks (strain marks, smudges) on the cards. Also you might nibbling now and then sweets (chocolate!) and that leaves some unwanted marks on your cards as well.

But there is another reason as well. Before you read with your tarot cards, you need to make sure that there are no residual negative energies present. Somebody else might have touched your cards (personally I never allow anyone touching the cards I'm reading with).

This is why I always like to cleanse my cards before each reading.

First I send healing Reiki energy to the cards, and then I shuffle them well. While shuffling is used for mixing the cards before you pick them for reading, it is also widely used for cleansing the cards. By shuffling the cards around in my hands for a few minutes, I remove any negative energy attached to the cards.

However if you're simply thinking of cleaning your cards due to physical "accidents" as I mentioned above, then you can use a couple of ways.

For example you can use wet wipes and cloths to remove any sticky residues from your cards. Even furniture wipes or baby wipes are great for this. Just have a gentle hand in the process. You don't want to destroy your cards while cleaning them.

When the reading is finished, I usually shuffle the cards again, very briefly (just once or twice) and then put them in the tarot cloth and finally in its tarot bag.

You can also use tarot wooden boxes. In a next article I will review the beautiful boxes I have for some of my tarot decks. They are absolutely wonderful!

astrological velvet tarot bag
astrological velvet tarot bag

Astrological Velvet Tarot Bag

If you like astrology, then you will love this bag. It has all the astrological signs (signs of the zodiac) embroidered on the green velvety bag. This bag is also big enough for two decks. Being made by Lo Scarabeo, it speaks of quality, durability and class.

There is a strong connection between the various arcane studies, between the tarot, runes, astrology and if you are reading with a tarot deck that has also astrological influences, it's best that you put it in this bag. Of course you can keep other tarot decks in it or your runes too, however when it comes to symbolism, it makes the most sense.

moon and stars velvet tarot bag
moon and stars velvet tarot bag

Moon And Stars Velvet Tarot Bag

Here is another lovely bag that I have. It reminds me of being always romantic and never forgetting my dreams. I actually keep my Shadowscapes tarot deck in it.

The back of the bag is black and the front features small crescent moons and stars stitched with silver thread on a navy blue velvety material. You can keep a bigger sized tarot deck and a mini as well in it due to its size. Soft to the touch if feels great in the hands.

Horus Eye satin tarot bag
Horus Eye satin tarot bag

Horus Eyes Satin Tarot Bag

Another lovely bag by Lo Scarabeo. Perfect for my Ancient Tarot deck. The horus eye is beautifully stiched in blue on the yellow satin material and it gives it an ancient, historical and mythological feel. I have other bigger bags as well, however this is just perfect for a regular tarot deck - or your runes for the matter.

Are You Ready To Make Your Own Tarot Bag? - Watch this video to see how

Protection velvet tarot
Protection velvet tarot

Protection Velvet Tarot Bag

I love this bag! The vibrant red velvet with the golden embroidered design is simply elegant and perfect to hold your tarot cards, your runes or your crystals. Just like the other Lo Scarabeo bags, it's big enough to hold two tarot decks. The material is soft to the touch and quite fun to hold.

Sunlight satin tarot bag
Sunlight satin tarot bag

Sunlight Satin Tarot Bag

The sunrays are embossed in gold on the front of this gorgeous vibrant aquamarine deck. This is a bag for happy, positive and even whimsical decks. Golden Bear Tarot anyone?

When I feel a bit down and I need some uplifting, I always take out my "positive tarot deck" from this bag and work with it. The deck and the bag have a positive healing energy that really vibrates through you.

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Thank you for visiting my Tarot Bags For Your Tarot Decks lens. Please leave your comments below.

Do you have any tarot bags? Share your love for them here!

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      pungi sacose personalizate

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      Thank you so much for making this lens. It's very comprehensive.

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      7 years ago

      A beautiful selection of tarot bags! I was lucky enough to have a designer friend of mine make one for me, but these would be a great gift idea for friends that I teach the tarot to. I am currently working on my own card meanings and observations in conjunction with an exercise about how to learn to read the cards.

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      7 years ago

      Beautiful selection of Tarot bags. Learning the cards is on my bucket list :)


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