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teacher:life experience

Updated on May 10, 2016

Teacher and school!

giving life to a lifeless is one of the greatest quality i have ever seen from my childhood of a teacher. They are the one who makes us feel that we have just shifted to a place for the day to pass from our home to learn anything that makes us fascinating. I felt like i was just moving to my second home where i could get more number of relatives than i'm having at my first home. I even feel very secure here as i'm having many to love and be loved, teach and be taught and a wide area to move around out of tension, frustrations, jealous and much more. I miss my childhood days as they gave them much better happiness than now as i was free of everything. These liabilities that we encounter each day makes us bound to our own surroundings. The two mothers (from the first home and the second) simply made me the most happiest person in life during those days.


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