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Dear Teacher

Updated on July 18, 2017
Harcee Sarmiento profile image

Harcee Sarmiento is a writer, traveler, poet, fictionist and essayist in the Philippines. He's also a rated chess player and English Teacher

Anastacio G. Yumul High School students
Anastacio G. Yumul High School students | Source

I am your dear teacher

Mere pawn on a game board called education

I am felicitated with laurels,

but rarely with silvers.

In my hands I mold

A clay figure of man

Whom to be the next Kings, Leaders,

and mere mortals.

They say I open doors for many

Yet they call me criminal for one’s own fault

But when a clay turns into a giant

All I got is a curtain fall

Whom they call hero for a day,

and a villain for the rest of the year

In my mouth is a reign for horse,

Jailed by laws, must have no feelings.

I don’t like your applause, nor your praises

But to treat us also human,

brittle with injustice of society’s prying eyes

Is more than gold for us.

I am your dear teacher.

AGYHS symposium
AGYHS symposium | Source


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