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teaching aids: teacher himself is the best one

Updated on November 5, 2014

The increasing role of teaching aids

The role of teaching aids is always on the increase and our modern classrooms are becoming enriched day by day with the influx of teaching aids. Readymade teaching aids are also available in the market and this is a fine sector for the businessmen also. In most cases it is the teachers themselves who get the aids prepared to suit their presentations. In the classrooms the learners are facing new observation experiences with the aids. In teachers' training institutes emphasis is always given on the use of teaching aids as much possible. There the trainees are conditioned to believe that teaching aids are very important, perhaps more important than the teachers themselves! This philosophy compels them dedicate a major part of their effort to making aids, instead of enriching themselves in respect of style, contents, and spirits.

The role of teachers

Teachers are doing their works in the classes and they will continue to do many works in all the days to come. in the class a teacher makes the student see, listen, think, do, imagine. From the classroom teacher the students are expected to get the impetus of reading, learning, thinking, doing, imagining and in the class where the students do not get all these things the class is said to be very ineffective.

This fact is a clear indication that a teacher has no opportunity to remain idle and insufficient in actions and thoughts. His movements, gestures, observation, feedback serve as very important components of his management of the class.

Teaching aids and learners

Some examples may be taken here for our discussion. In the classroom the teacher uses a fine colored and printed map for teaching in a particular class of geography. The color and design of the map easily attracts the attention of the learners and they learn something from that presentation. During this presentation the students looked, listened, and learnt and in parallel with these three activities there were some more activities going on in his mind. The whole session of teaching and learning could have been made more effective if the teacher himself had drawn the map on the board in front of the class and urged the students follow him with their pen and pencils. They would have got some opportunity of venturing to draw the new map by following the teacher in action in front of them. In this way they would have got a far better and stronger exposure of an intensified learning situation and for their teacher they would have formed a more respectful creative place in their minds.

Let us see another example. It is the situation in an English class. Getting the motivation and inspiration from modern training classes a teacher is playing on a soundbox a prerecorded lesson to help his students listen and learn well the reading of English. Yes, the sound is fine, the style is also fine, the voice , finer. What is happening here. The students are observing that their favorite teacher is staying idle for a few minutes, they are missing the opportunity to learn the facial expression associated with the emotional aspects of the reading materials. They may also get the impression that their teacher can hardly read as finely as the prerecorded voice. Here , had the teacher himself read the material with proper accent and intonation, the students would have felt an urge to imitate the teacher and of course they would have succeeded step by step. This example, however, is not to advocate against the use of prerecorded voice playing in the classroom; it is, instead, for drawing the attention of all concerned that we must use such recording only as a minor tool tool and the classroom teacher must use his own presentation with enrichment of style and contents. To demonstrate his standing he may draw points from the recording for discussion in the class and in all cases he should keep in mind that the learners are getting direct impressions of learning from him.

The training and professional updating of teachers

As the role of classroom teachers is very important for making the programs of a school a success it is always imperative that the teachers themselves get adequate motivation at all stages of their professional life. Training once they received at the very beginning of their career may prove to be outdated and so they need to be in a constant process of updating through some means of well coordinated activities. With the passing of time the value, attitude, working philosophy, and insight of a teacher undergo changes in many aspects and the process of updating will always increase his professional skills.

So, the individuals engaged in designing and running the teacher training program are in a position to do something for making post training professional updating process a reality. Currently, after training period the persons leave the training centers for schools, and they do no more maintain any relation with their centers; but with the system just mentioned every single professional teacher must find himself strongly bonded with the training centers through a process of feed backing and updating.


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