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Teaching addition and subtraction up to twenty

Updated on January 13, 2013

Teaching number facts, addition facts up to twenty and multiplication facts up to 100

In this lens I will show you two great resources for teaching number facts either in school or at home. Both are very visual so it can help with visual learners. One using penguins and the other using fish or circles.

six plus four equals ten
six plus four equals ten

Addition Facts up to twenty

When teaching any math concept it is great if the students can see a mental picture of what the sum or calculation looks like using real objects. The addition and subtraction facts does this by using penguins that are standing on two ice bergs.

So it is really quite simple the students count how many penguins are on each iceberg and the total number gives the sum

So if four penguins are on the first, and 6 penguins are on the second. The calculation is 6 + 4 = 10

Now using the arrow controls it is possible to find all the other addition facts that add up to ten, so if a penguin is moved from the first to the second iceberg, the new sum will be 5 + 5 = 10

Even better the calculation can be displayed on a number line.

Subtraction facts the penguin dive off and swim

twenty subtract five equals fifteen
twenty subtract five equals fifteen

So to show subtraction facts, we start with the total. The number subtracted is the number of penguins that have jumped off. Simple really and a number helps to explain in another visual way.

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Addition and Subtraction Facts Tutorial

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