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Teaching to tell the time website

Updated on January 6, 2013

Visnos Interactive Clock - teach children about time, fraction and angles using this great website

So learning to tell the time is one of the key skills that a child needs to learn. This lens is about an interactive clock at the visnos website . The clock is really useful for teachers to demonstrate how to tell the time and would work great for home schooling to. The great thing about this activity is links onto other math topics too, such as fractions and angles.

Using Visnos Interactive Clock
Using Visnos Interactive Clock

A great resource for telling the time

Visnos Clock interactive activity

Learning to tell the time can be tricky. There are many websites that help but this one is really great. It has a big analogue clock that fills the whole screen and then a digital clock which can show 12/24 hour format for comparison. You can show or hide the digital clock which is really useful.

To use the clock simply drag one of the hands and the other will update automatically. You can also click a button and the clock hands will swing around to show a random time.

The clock can also be used to show the actual real time and it actually is quite a nice clock.

Showing three quarters or one quarter to
Showing three quarters or one quarter to

A quarter past, half past or a quarter to?

This clock can also be used to show fractions

One thing that can be very confusing with teaching telling the time is the use of fraction expressions. These of course are throwback to the pre-digital age when clocks were not accurate to the nearest millisecond. Everyone had a watch telling a slightly different time and so rather than state it is 13 mins past, they would round up to a quarter past. Likewise for those who didn't have a watch they may see one in the distance and see it roughly halfway around so half past.

The great thing is this clock can also show fractions, so it is very easy to explain when to use half past or a quarter past. So obviously the clock also has another use in that you can use it to teach about fractions too.

You can display two fractions the first one being the fraction of minutes, so for example at a quarter past 15/60 and then the cancelled down fraction 3/4.

It is great to have the real time mode on and watch the fraction change over an hour period.

If you want more practice at using fractions you should also consider the visnos fraction wall which is really good for comparing different fractions. So if you wanted to show ¾ you can show the parts of the wall and the 3 parts turned on. This can then be compared to other fractions to find equivalent ones such as 6/8.

At what age did you learn to tell the time

I must be honest I could never grasp telling the time. Only when I got a digital watch for Christmas and could watch the time changing over the day did I finally get it. I think I was around 11 years old at that point. So be honest in this survey its only for fun!

At what age did you learn to tell the time using an analogue clock?

See results

Teaching Angles with visnos interactive clock - There is more to this clock, show angle arcs and angle measurements. Or use the in built protractor tool to meas

Measuring the angle between clock hands
Measuring the angle between clock hands

Clocks have always been a great way to teach angles. You can display angle arcs on the clock face and use a protractor that automatically moves to the correct position to measure.

So you can use the hands to recognise right angles, acute angles, straight angles, obtuse angles and reflex angles. You can choose whether to show the automatically calculated angle, show the arc and even choose which angle to show. So for example the angle the second hand has moved from 12 o'clock. This one works best with the real time and the children can watch an angle go through a full 360° every minute. The other choice is to show the angle either clockwise or anticlockwise between the minute and hour hand.

If you want to really test students set them the question at how many times of the day is the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand 90°

As well as using the clock to teach angles, you can also use Visnos Basic Angles which is great for studying different angle problems. Supplementary angles that add up to 180° Complementary angles that add up to 90°, angles at a point and bisecting lines.

A clock face with no numbers
A clock face with no numbers

Children love colors

Create your own clock style

Children love to adapt and change things to their own tastes. The Visnos Interactive clock has styling mode, you change the clock colors to create totally new designs.

You can even remove colors, so for example remove the numbers to make the clock a bit harder to read.

Experiment and have fun

How to use the visnos interactive clock

Visnos Fraction Wall helps to further understand fractions and percentages

Visnos fraction wall shows equivalent fractions
Visnos fraction wall shows equivalent fractions

The great thing about visnos is there are lots of ways to link topics, this is crucial for getting children to understand Math. Using the clock to display fractions the children can see for example what one quarter looks like and one half. The fraction wall is better for comparing fractions. Each layer of the wall represents one whole. So it is quite simple to compare each layer and therefore compare each fraction. Since equal fractions occupy the same length of the wall.

In automatic equivalence mode, you can simply click one part of the wall and to make fraction and all equivalent fractions will light up automatically. This is great for use in schools or for homeschooling

Tutorial on how to use the Visnos Fraction Wall

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is a great find, I am looking forward to trying this with some of my Maths classes.

      Thanks for sharing.


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