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Tech Innovators Family Circle Kolkata__Mystic India Café Twin Bridge Arts Science

Updated on September 1, 2013

TIFC Kolkata Mystic India __Tech Innovators Family Circle Kolkata Mystic India Pre-Proposal

Definition: Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.

Peter Drucker

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.

Rabindranath Tagore

Philosophy: The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.

Khalil Gibran

Vision: May we hear only what is good for all

May we see only what is good for all

May we serve you, Lord of Love, all our life,

May we be used to spread your peace on earth

Om shanti, shanti, shanti

The Preshna Upanishad (translated by Eknath Eashwaran, Nilgiri Press, 1987. This book is often available at public libraries or other books on Upanishad).

Tech Innovators Family Circle Cafe Twin Pre-Proposal

Cafe Twin Show on Community TV supports the community education mission, distributed by the 5 key non-commercial public access stations located in Fairfax Metro DC Hub as planned. The previous Cafe Twin Show plan.

This educational and regional music once a month half our TV show event must be philanthropy supported activity, continuing the philosophy and experience developed by Avi and John via Avi's previous Community TV show, Our Family Origins and John's current TV show, Communicating Today Show.

Tech Innovators Family Circle (TIFC) event is monthly Saturday breakfast event geared to tech innovators located in Fairfax Metro DC hub, 9:30 AM-11:30 AM as per the success model developed by Avi for many years in his previous career in the financial service industry and as a member of the technical association, , developed the predecessor "success model" as a volunteer president of the tech entrepreneurs network hosted by the metro dc chapter in that time frame.

Before Calcutta Was Created By Raj

Hoogley is a small crossroad on the Ganges River several hundred miles north of Calcutta.

It is here both of my parents families belonging to the same merchant clan lived during the dying days of Mogul India when Calcutta was not yet in existence.

This place must have been an entry port for the Bengal calico cotton and spice trades from the surrounding areas that migrated westward to the Silk Road overland to Europe and through sea in the days of Mogul rule for five hundred years before the British.

Hoogley must have been a fairly prosperous and safe town. I am not quite sure how long my clan lived here and when they moved here from further west, likely from a much bigger and ancient center of spiritual learning and trade, now long dead, called City of Balkh, at the borders of modern nations of Afghanistan and Tajikstan.

A great university existed near there, to the east at Hindustan for a long long time at the City of Taxila !!

Personification of Goddess Durga, Jagadarthi Ma still is the Patron Goddess of Hoogley (Earth Monther) I remember as a child a particular puja in Hoogley (where my parents briefly lived.). In that festival, my mother encouraged me to recite Rabindra Nath Tagore's poem, "The Brave Man" at the local radio station. I wasn't brave; I was scared stiff in front of the mike I remember!

But the puja was the most important holy celebration of the year for us then. I am still trying to understand the meaning for me of this holy place, Hoogley. Why did my great grandfather (my mother's side), for example, build a public library here even though he himself lived in Calcutta all of his life?

Also, How and when did Jagadarthi Ma (Earth Mother) got to Hoogley and how is Her personification similar or different to Durga Ma (current personification worship in Bengal)

Roots: Search For Our Family Origins at Old Kolkata

Land of Budha Force4Good Over Evil __Dewali Hypothesis Of Scythian Gold Artisan Clan Migration Centuries Ago

In 9th Century AD, Eastern India was still a culture dominated by Buddhism.

Buddhism flourished here where Emperor Ashoka a thousand years earlier (200 BC) had converted to Buddhiism and ruled in the empire that was built by his grandfather. For centuries thereafter Buddhisim spread outside of India along with the Silk Road Trade.

In that earlier era, the Sythian Gold Artisan Clan lived in the land of the Persians, a prosporous trade city called Balkh in Central Asia in borders of today's Afghanistan and Tajikstan.

Silk Road Trade encouraged demand for artisan craftsmen in gold, metals, and other cotton clothing that brought wealth to the Bengal region of Eastern India. The Buddhist dynasty, called Pala empire in Bengal and eastern India that nearly same geography as the centuries earlier of Emperor Ashoka (200 BC -- ) that has left a legacy that still exists at 21st Century world.

During the latter part of this Pala Dynasty with originis in Bengal, our Scythian gold craftsmen tribe, along with their brethren security force clan of soldiers migrated along the Ganges River to land of the Palas.

This gold artisan clan had already entered India from land of the Persians, adjacent to Hindusthan perhaps several centuries earlier.

It's been puzzling to me at first as to why this Scythian clan left the City of Balkh in land of the Persian where they had lived for many generations earlier and achieved prosperity with relative peace.

Balkh was a central asian silk road trade center for more than a thousand years and post Alexander The Great conquest, in 320 BC or so to the departure of this Sythian clan to Hindustan, still had a Helenic culture and character.

The Mongol invasion in the 14th Century that destroyed that originial City of Balkh was still centuries in the future.

Then thought occurred to me that the logical reason for the clan to leave Balkh was probably due to a devastating earthquake that was infrequent but did occur in that mountain region of Central Asia as still occurs now infrequently in that mountain geography.

As refugees from a natural disaster, the clan entered India and found refuge in a Himalayan kingdom near along the Ganges River, not far from where Buddha was born in the borders of today's Nepal and India.

From here within Hindusthan, another migration likely several generations later , the clan would migrate to the homeland of the Palas in Eastern India where their craftsmanship and spiritual traditions of worship of "earth mother" , a force4good over evil emerged as a most auspicious of the Hindu spiritual event that is still today a living culture of the Hinduism in that part of India.

Thanks to the Pala Imperial patronage, the "companion" Buddhist center of learning at Taxila in western Hindusthan, Nalanda University was then blossoming here in eastern Hindusthan to its heights. Buddhist pilgrims and merchant caravans along the Silk Road, from China and distant lands of Central Asia arrived here in the land of the Buddha often.

New Photo Gallery 01__TIFC Kolkata Mystic India

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Tech Innovators Family Circle Café Twin Kolkata Mystic India (TIFC KMI)__A Parallel Initiative

Now for TIFC Cafe Twin, the community TV show and TIFC monthly event are being combined to support the task of developing "social capital" and knowledge experience based on the "success model" in existence in America by Ben Franklin's Junto Club in Philadelphia.

These 3 topics are not new, and short published articles by Avi exists on the internet to add clarity on Subtopic 01 TIFC Subtopic 02 Cafe Twin Show and Subtopic 03: Ben Franklin Junto Club Success Model that keeps on giving!

Relating to TIFC Cafe Twin, Avi has successfully submitted "Crowd Funding" proposals to Kick Starter and to Space Hub but not yet funded. The key is both of these top 2 Crowd Funding philanthropic funding source require "Community Support" that TIFC Cafe Twin proposal do not have now, but working on getting if possible by discussing with some of the 15 Chamber of Commerce existing in Fairfax and also this one technical association located in Northern Virginia.

In order to execute TIFC Cafe Twin, Kick Starter submitted proposal is asking for $10,000 for one year project with one Cafe Twin Show per month and the Space Hub Proposal is asking for $6000 for one Special Event with 50 community shakers and movers invited to a buffet lunch linked to a Special Music & Educational Event at a convenient Community TV show in Fairfax, VA.

But though both of this philanthropy based proposals are accepted by respected two crowdfunding source, the requirement for community support is not met.

Avi has started working on getting if possible by discussing with some of the 15 Chamber of Commerce existing in Fairfax and also this one technical association.

Strangely VC & Financial Service community (IE BANKS!) Appear so far not to appreciate or understand the value and long term priority need of philanthropy based capacity building support structure such as is our TIFC protocol.

Question: How do we solve this barrier we have faced for developing TIFC at Metro DC Hub?

Second, would there be similar barriers to overcome at TIFC_KMI Demo at Kolkata India Urban ?

Background on TIFC Cafe Twin Fairfax VA USA

01. Group at Tech Innovators Family Circle__Fairfax VA Metro DC

Summary: In the last few days, I have set up the group at Blenderartists where I hope to bring some technically interested persons who live in our geography to come together.There is no cost of course, and once we have sufficient numbers, we will meet on Saturdays for buffet breakfast 9:30 to 11:30 AM for virtual teaming and continued focus on knowledge development among persons interested in creating their own games or participating in one of ours (TIFC is based on IEEE.ORG Success model experience as my community service activity in my previous career in the financial service industry for many years) .

Anyone with interest for TIFC_Fairfax VA DC Hub or TIFC KMI in future, welcome to join TIFC Cafe Twin at . No cost or obligation to join our Café Twin Bridge to enable TIFC "Twin" now at Fairfax VA Metro DC Hub, and "Twin" in future when we are able to seek and be granted community support at TIFC Kolkata Mystic India Demo Proposal.

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    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      A very interesting Hub and some great quotes. Good luck with the group.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Lynn Wright - Val,These pictures are soooo beifatuul!!! You are the prettiest bride I have seen since your mom! You look so elegant! I wish you and Cal all the happiness and love a couple could have.You make a Beautiful couple!!LOveGrandma Lyn


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