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Test and Keep a laptop for free!

Updated on May 29, 2010

Some computer companies looking for a new way to market and test their products.

Recently some major laptop companies started to approach a new way of marketing their laptop products. Since within the last several years the laptop technology and major brands began to get more and more competitive, some companies like Dell, Sony and Apple are thinking out of the box.

Marketing departments of these major corporations are finally figuring out how to reach the public by letting you (the people) test and keep laptops for free. All they ask in return is that you try out and love their products, let them know about what could be better and the reason why you love the laptop. The best part of this deal is that not a cent comes out of your pocket.

If you live in the US, these companies are willing you ship you a free laptop at no cost to you whatsoever $6. Yes you read it right, a free laptop giveaway. Some participating websites are the only way to receive these laptops and one of them is Free Laptops short for instant easy laptop.

How to ensure you get your laptop for free!

Best way to receive, test and keep your free laptop

Since even these major brand companies cannot possibly meet the demand. I will tell you how to guarantee that YOU receive your free laptop. It will be yours to keep after a short testing period.

The only participating website (that personally know of) which features this deal is Go there now.

You must go to and sign up, signing up is easy and free. The first information they ask for is your email address. I would give an accurate email where they can reach you since this will be their major way of contacting you during the sort out process. Remember, you must reside in the United States, this is a geo-specific marketing strategy for these major companies!

Once your email is submitted they will ask for your shipping information. Make sure you put in your accurate shipping information, most people end up getting eliminated during this process because they fail to provide accurate information, how are they supposed to know where to ship your laptop if you don't tell them?

The third step is the key step. Once you submit your email and shipping information they will ask you to sign up at a few partner websites such as Target, Best Buy, Ebay etc... Remember all these websites are trusted sources so don't be afraid, this is what assures these laptop companies that you are serious about testing their products. Once you complete this step, your laptop should ship to you within several business days. Yours to test and keep for free. They may ask you to write specific reviews on their products, although you are not entitled to, since they are nice enough to give you a free laptop. I would take some time and respond.

Watch this youtube video presenting just a few months ago they were giving Free Macbook airs, a lot of satisfied people

A few months ago, had an offer on their website to give away free apple macbook air laptops. Since this offer expired and with increased demand for these offers they have taken it to the next stage. Now you can actually choose 3 different laptops to test and keep. Of course you can only pick 1. However, if your husband, children, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend are also interested there is nothing keeping them from entering this new trend in laptop marketing.

These major laptop companies are finally realizing that the consumer is the ultimate testing group. So instead of giving their corporate testers the laptops they are giving the consumer (you) laptops. The word spreads. For example, if your college friend tells you that the dell xps is an amazing laptop, you are more likely to look into that laptop before any other. Their strategy seems to work, both for you and for the corporates.

There is no reason to wait people, no body really knows how long this new trend in free laptop marketing will last. When it comes to when it will end, it is a first come first serve deal.

Again, the website is

Benefit from the competition between large laptop companies!

The laptop market is worth billions of dollars alone, not including dektop computers or other mobile computing devices. It is so competitive that marketers are looking into out-of-ordinary ways to market. Their strategy: one good review, or one happy customer brings in another hundred potential buyers for their brand. (instant easy laptop) was one of the first websites to be aware of this trend, they have several years of experience in the industry and follow the topic quite closely. For all of you first year college or graduate students who are struggling with money and cannot afford a laptop these news should have you going wow!

This is the real deal. Take advantage of it, the worst under-powered laptops cannot be purchased for anything under $400 USD. A free $1500-2000 laptop is an amazing giveaway. Don't wait another second, hear it from me. A graduate student who is just out here to get the word out. Take advantage of it as I did. Pick from 3 superb powerful free laptops!

Go to, fill in your email and follow through.


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