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New Words For Your Mouth

Updated on July 28, 2016

Stu's Anti-Cursing Text, to help you stop using bad words, and shh it.

Malarkey - foolish words or ideas, as in that's a bunch of malarkey. You're full of malarkey. That is a whole lot of malarkey. Joe Biden said it best it's just plain old malarkey.

Deflated - to make someone lose confidence or pride, he got deflated. Tom Brady got Deflated when Denver sacked him several times in last years Playoffs. After Deflate Gate everyone can get deflated now and then when kicked or hit in the growing.

Son of a Smurf - a person man, woman, or thing that you are annoyed with, Hit yourself with a hammer Son of a Smurf, got Slapped Son of a Smurf. Do as Poppa say's be smurfy and always say Son of a Smurf. Unless there is more than one then say Son of Smurfiers.

Mothertrucker - one that is formidable, contemptible, and mean. A overbearing protective butt whipping Mothertrucker. One bad mammer jammer, one to be reckoned with. Mothertruckers don't take no Malarkey.

© 2016 Stuklowneer


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