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the Fuhrer may not be absolutely african if so

Updated on January 1, 2011

the DNA link that's left out

In August 2010 it was revealed that Adolf Hitler may have been a "non-German" of his definition of who is acceptable. Basically he lied about who the enemy of the Germans and their tribal kinfolk of who the enemy was. The enemy was staring right in from of the masses and they didn't know it. It is possible he may have keep it secret or didn't know for sure. He did have a habit of trying to erase any mention of his family but it is just an opinionated conclusion from all his eerie actions on the matter. What was revealed was DNA from male members of his family. Can this give us a clue? Actually not really for the fact that these people are related to him by his mothers side and not father's side. Being related on the father's side for males for yDNA is important since then one can determine who Hitler is and if he is lying. No full member nor himself had any children only his half siblings had children. Same mother different father, his step father is who he borrowed his name from. The data showed that the males had haplogroup E, which is mostly East African or Egyptian. Their E group is Egyptian to be specific, also relating to some North African Jews. Most of Africa except parts that are eastern Sudanic and from D.R. of Congo (former Zaire) south to the inland of South Africa are of haplogroup E if looking at a haplogroup E map. In Europe looking at the same map you'll find Iberian section, southern Italy and Central Europe, which parts of Germany and Austria are in have the same group but in a lesser percentage. Which may not be a surprise since other Germanic peoples would have this too. This just gives us an idea of what he may have been hiding since it is not known were his body is for sampling any DNA. When people saw him he was the average height, had dark brown hair, grey eyes (color TV it looks grey, some say he has ice blue eyes which is a grey-blue color). It was far from the tall (6' or more), blond hair (prefer lightest shades) and blue eyes. It does seem ironic especially with all the propaganda that was given as promotion. 


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