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The Amazing Dragonfly

Updated on September 5, 2017

Dragonflies are Beautiful!

Ahhh, dragonflies, what amazingly gorgeous creatures!

One day recently, I was walking around the pond near my house and noticed that there were hundreds of dragonflies just flying around the water's edge in the sunshine.

Although I was a little nervous because I didn't know if they would sting me, I had to stop and watch because they were just so amazingly beautiful!

With approximately 2,500 different species, each kind dragonfly has it's own special look, some being more colorful than others. Did you know that dragonflies can be just as colorful as butterflies?

In this lens, you might learn a little more about these fascinating insects which are the subject of some beautiful arts and crafts since time began it seems.

Amazingly Beautiful and Colorful Dragonfly Pictures - Dragonflies in all their glorious colors!

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Great Video of Lovely Dragonflies

Dragonflies nail their prey 95% of the time.

Up close footage of the amazing dragonfly

Wings and Colors

Yellow, red, brown and blue to name a few.  They might be spotted or shiny.

With approximately 2,500 different species, each kind dragonfly has it's own special look, some being more colorful than others.

Dragonflies' beautiful wings may appear thin and weak because they are transparent as well as colorful, but they are actually very strong and tough.

Their wingspan can measure between 0.8 inches and 8 inches.

Dragonflies are cold-blooded insects which means that they adapt to the temperature of their surroundings.  Dragonflies love warmth.

I realized this is why they were at the pond that warm sunny spring day that started my fascination with them.

Dragonflies have two pairs of pretty wings which gives it it's graceful and swift flying abilities.

Stunning Turquoise Dragonfly Earrings


Stained Glass Dragonfly Rock - by nancymaggielee

This is a picture of a rock I painted using a dragonfly in a stained glass theme.

I wrote a lens called Hand-Painting Flowers & Fairies on Garden Rocks where you can see more of my rock paintings and learn how to create one of your own.

Dragonflies are Flying Machines!

One of the reasons dragonflies like the sun so much is because their wings work best when they're warm. They probably won't even come out on cool or cloudy days.

They are fast too, and can travel up to speeds of about 35 miles per hour, which is probably about the speed of a moving car on a city street. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Dragonflies use their feet to catch mosquitoes, gnats and smaller insects while flying. Some people like to breed dragonflies in their backyard ponds to keep pesty summer bugs under control.

Some fun facts: The U.S. military have used the dragonfly as model to build the perfect drone. In addition, dragonflies are such amazing fliers that scientists have built robots modeled to fly like them!

If you're looking for a gift for a dragonfly enthusiast, there are so many jewelry choices - Some of my favorites...

Gorgeous Dragonfly Necklace - Dragonflies are the subject of some beautiful jewelry


Are Dragonflies Harmful to People?

One more thing...

Dragonflies can and will bite a human, IF the human is presenting a threat to them.

Otherwise, dragonflies do not go after a human for food although they are carnivores.

While I, personally, would not choose to pick a dragonfly up with my bare hands, it is most likely that if you don't bother them, they won't bother you.

Do you like dragonflies?

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 3 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I really like your dragonfly rock. Beautiful! And yes, I enjoy seeing dragonflies in the summer.