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Updated on April 29, 2016

Ancient Human Root Races

Ancient Human Root Races
Ancient Human Root Races

The Aryan Race - Human Evolution of the Root Races

Race is a sensitive subject, however it must be debated, and debated openly.

I, the author of this information am in no way a racist. I just strongly believe it has a place to be read by those interested in how we all came to be. It has its place, on the Internet, at least.

What is told, is that there were these so called root races of humankind, and those being, Australian Aboriginal, Black African, Far East Asian, Indian and Aryan.

Now the first four root races that I have listed were said to all be very dark skinned. The last race, the fifth root race “Aryan” was pale, white skinned.

Now, you need to know how these races came about in simple terms.

We originated in Africa, North East Africa to be precise and the people we were, were Black Africans, They looked at that time like how nomadic Ethiopians look like today.

A tribal group of these Black Africans broke off from the main unit in Africa and first travelled over many years to the North of Europe, to Scandinavia.

They settled there.

Literally tens of thousands of years past and a new race arose there in the North. It was the Aryans. A blonde haired, blue eyed, pale skinned breed.

They changed because of the environment in the North, Dark and cold are the defining environmental features of Scandinavia.

I believe the term for these ancient Aryans today is Cro-Magnon.

The Africans also travelled to the East and settled in India, and then the Far East, and they finally went down to Australia.

The breeds (races) that were formed in these places were known as Australian Aboriginals, Far East Asians, and Indian. All black, dark skinned and featured.

But that is not the end of the story.

Next, was a time of great migration and racial inter-mixing. The Aryan race moved out of Scandinavia and spread down into all Europe. Aryan communities throughout Europe were formed. All blue eyed, blonde haired and pale skinned peoples. Tribes of these Nordics also migrated East into the deserts of Arabia.

The root races met in Arabia, Indian and Aryan. They mated and a new hybridized people arose. We know them today as the Arabs.

These Arabs then multiplied and formed communities in Arabia, and then travelled to the North coast of the African continent. They then spread upwards to Greece, to Italy, to Spain.

Of course then the Arabic’s mixed with the Aryans in these Southern European locations and new peoples (ethnicities) arose, Greeks, Italians and Spanish.

Dark features such as hair and eye colour are genetically dominant over the Aryan blonde hair and blue eyes, which is why Europeans often have dark features. Yes, It is the Indian coming through.

Tribes of these Aryans from Europe also migrated to the Far East and mated there with the dark featured Far East Asian tribes. This mixing formed a lighter skinned Asian people. As with the Arabs, these, lighter skinned Asians moved back westwards and mixed again with the Nordic’s in the West, forming the Slavs.

That is basically it.

So, yes, Europeans racially are mixed, being mostly Nordic and some degree Indian and also Far East Asian.

Even those Europeans with totally blonde hair and blue eyes would have some degree of the Indian or Far East Asian race in them. As there has just been so much mixing, over so much time.

I do not believe a blonde haired, blue-eyed original untainted Aryan person could possibly exist today.

That is the reality.

There is no other way to explain the present day situation.

Believing this information in no way makes you a racist.

I believe it and I am totally opposed to racism.

It is just human kinds evolutionary story

Thanks for reading.

Do you agree

Do you believe this information is an approximation of the truth?

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    • profile image


      2 weeks ago

      Caucasians carry diversity in their genomic expression with regards to eye and hair color. Children of two brown eyed and brown haired Caucasian can be born with blond and/or blue eyes. Sub Saharan Africans lack this genomic expression and if it is not in the lineage it just won’t happen. So you’re trying to tell me that blue eyes and blonde hair came from a group that completely lacked it? More likely it’s the other way round.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      ARYAN means land of Iran , do you know where is Iran?

      Iran is new name of Persia .Iranians are not Arabs . please read history about Iranian and Indian people and Aryan race


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