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History for Bros: The Battle of Tippecanoe

Updated on June 9, 2009
Battle of Tippecanoe
Battle of Tippecanoe

History for Bros

I've found that many a bro doesn't fully grasp their nation's history. This needs to change! So brush up on your brocabulary, brah, cause we goin' on an educational journey back in time. The year is 1811, November 7th to be exact. And you bros are in for a treat!


This hub is for bro's eyes only, if you ain't a bro you might get offended 'cause this account is not exactly historical.  It's brotorical.  So for ye bro enough to enter, here is the Bro's Account of the Battle of Tippecanoe.

Tecumseh and the Prophet

K, brah, so there were these two Shawnee bros.  Not just any bros, mind ya, but the head hanch-bros.  So Tecumseh and his brother, the Prophet were gettin' kinda ticked at them White Bros encroaching upon their land!!  So Tecumseh rode his dirtbike throughout Indiana and rustled up the support of 14 other tribes of his fellow Native American bros.

The Prophet distributed the Natty Ice and proceded to enlighten his dudes 'bout the Europeans atop of Prophet's Rock! 

Prophetstown Fraternity

I am so absent minded, so not cheesin' brah!! I forgot to mention that the Prophet created a town between the Wabash and Tippecanoe rivers, it was called Prophetstown!  Now there was some mass bro-love goin down at Prophetstown - some consider it to be the first fraternity in Indiana!!! (and by some I mean me)

William "H-dog" Harrison and his Brah-ntourage

So like I was sayin', the Shawnee and their fellow Native American bros, they were havin' a solid time, and I mean solid.  So Tecumseh went down yonder to the Southern USA to rustle up some more bros to join in on the mass party.

After he left, Governor William Henry Harrison, or H-dog as his bros referred to him, headed up to Prophetstown to crash the party.  He brought about 1,200 bros with him as his entourage.

Battle of Tippecanoe

So, the Prophet was not pleased. He had not prophesized that that H-dog would be comin' up to party and he hadn't purchased enough kegs! So he gave a rousing speech to his tribes-bros and told them to fight!! And fight they did.

The Battle of Tippecanoe began in the wee hours of November 7, 1811 and lasted several hours. William Henry had had enough! He only wanted to recreation, but he got a battle. So he burned down Prophetstown in revenge. It was a sad day for everyone.

Aftermath: A Bromance Gone Bad

The bromance had ended.  Prophetstown was caput, and the frat party a disaster.  To look upon the remains of this terrible day visit Prophetstown State Park at Battleground, Indiana.

Oh, and for an English version of what happened - read the Wikipedia Article.  Later bros.


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