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the experiment

Updated on November 20, 2009

brain plasticity

let's see what happens

Since it seems that I have time on my hands at the moment,I have decided to perform a scientific experiment on myself.Let's see what happens.Who knows at the end of this experiment I might write a book about it or I might even win some type of prize for my efforts.anything is possible.This experiment will be of a physical and a mental nature performed simultaneously.I have given myself a two year period or deadline in which I will check my results and see if my experiment was successful.The first thing I'm going to do is record my I.Q test results,just as soon as I Find a free and true I.Q test that I can take right now,one that will provide a accurate score,and one that is totally free.If you know of any please feel free to leave a comment and let me know the name of the site.Totally free only and no surveys or what nots just a I.Q test that gives accurate results and honest test scores.The second thing I am going to do is record my reading speed.Get a accurate count of how many words per minute I can read and understand.The third thing I am going to do is start playing around with this thing called BRAIN PLASTICITY.Let's see if I can increase the power of my mind by learning new things continuously.I'm starting out small something I can do on my own time,something like learning spanish.At the same time I am going to take piano lessons,learn how to play the piano and speak another language.Lets see how many new neurons connect.The fourth thing I am going to do is to start training like a olympic athlete,why not?Of course I am starting slow,and will biuld up over time.But in two years I will be in professional shape.And of course I am changing my diet,I'm going for the balanced route.I gotta to do something with all this time on my hands.


The goal

The goal I have set is simple,double my intelligence,strengthen my mind,and rewire my brain into a super powerful organic computer capable of learning,or mastering anything that I set my attention on.No matter what it maybe.At the same time transform my body into a sculpted piece of art,with the endurance and power of a professional athlete,Sound Body Sound MIND.Why not?All I have is time own my hands.Let's see what can really be done when you put your mind to something let's really push the limits of life.

brain plasticity explained

Brain plasticity is research showing that the human brain is malleable,meaning it can be shaped by the things that we expose our brain to. The things that we learn or do on a regular basis shapes our brain.It has been proven that regular exercise produces new neurons and that by learning new skills,new things that we would not normally consider learning connects regions of our brain that we would not normally ever use.Meaning you have to learn something that is NOT in your comfort zone in order for a connection to occur.It has also been proven that Brain Plasticity has a tremendous influence on keeping the brain young.exercise creates new neurons,education connects the dots in your brain.They go hand in hand.So begins the experiment.Let's find out what happens.


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