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Chimpanzee - The World's Smartest Animal

Updated on August 2, 2014

They are termed as the most intelligent animals in the world apart, of course, from human beings.

These animals are found in Central and West Africa.

A chimpanzee's lifespan in the wild is about 45 years. These animals are nearing extinct as they are hunted thereby they are in the list of the most endangered animals.

What is remarkable about chimpanzees is their ability to use tools and the fact they can learn sign language which they can use to communicate with human beings. A remarkable fact about them is that they can remember the sign name of people they have not seen for a long time.


Common chimpanzee
Common chimpanzee | Source

Although chimpanzees can walk on all fours, most of the time they walk in twos. They have short legs and long arms. Their bodies from the neck to the waist is small and is covered with black hair though their faces, ears, fingers and toes are not covered.

Chimpanzees food include plants, insects, meat and eggs. Well, lets consider them as thieves when it comes to stealing eggs from other animals. (Otherwise, where do they get them and they do not buy at a nearby shop or supermarket? Something to consider!)

These animals are mostly seen with twigs or blades of grass. Well, they are not grandpas and grandmas who need sticks for support but they use them to chase away intruders. Also, they would place a twig at the nest of termites and ants and wait for these tiny creatures to walk on it. From there they lick with their lips, sorry, tongue and there they have had a dish. Not a bad one.

During the early years of the young one’s life, it is carried on the front for the first five months. Afterward, on the back for two years.

Chimpanzees have good relatives such that an aunty will be seen taking care of her sister’s young one or for a sister-in-law child for that matter. For the oldies, they would be seen taking care of their younger brothers and sisters.

Director Allison Argo on location filming Chimpanzees, An Unatural History
Director Allison Argo on location filming Chimpanzees, An Unatural History | Source

The females reach reproductive age at the age of 13 while male chimpanzees will be considered adults when they reach 16. The chimpanzees’ adolescence begins at nine years old, way too far than humans. By the time a female reaches 9 years, she is ready to start giving birth or having a family for that matter.

Now, there have been few cases of human babies born with teeth. With chimpanzees it is different. They are born with teeth. The teeth of chimpanzees begin to grow before birth and it’s through this that scientists can estimate their age. They do this by looking at the lines of their teeth.

Well don’t ask. I do not know where they found this behavior or learned from. They would be seen kissing each other, I mean the male and female when they meet. And yeah, holding hands especially when they are nervous. Really, very romantic animals.

Facial expressions is another way they communicate apart from their sounds. When they smile, everything is alright and they must be in love with themselves. I mean, they are in good mood. However when the chimps lips are pressed together, it’s danger. They are about to attack. Revenge. If you are near and happen to see their lips pressed together, get ready to make a run for your life.

An average adult chimp weighs between 32 to 60 kilograms at a height of between 4 to 5.5 feet.


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