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the law of attraction and bi-lo:deliberate creation

Updated on July 13, 2010

expecting something to happen.

I guess you can say I am now taking baby steps,I am finally walking after a couple of years of studying the universal laws.I remember the first time I heard about the secret,I was just coming in the house after work and I turned on the T.V.Oprah Winfrey was on and it was like the last thirty seconds of the show (I am not a Oprah Fan by the way,to me it seems like a chick show.)anyway,it was the last few seconds of Oprah's show and she was saying something about pick up this DVD by Rhonda byrne called the secret,she said something about the secret was supposed to help you manifest wealth and anything else that you wanted in your life.All i heard was wealth....coming from Oprah's lips so I thought to myself Oprah's endorsing a wealthprogram,I just had to get it!!I mean she is the richest woman in the world,and if she's talking money, well I'm listening!So I rushed to the mall and waited in line for twenty five minutes(the only man in line, I might add)Twenty five minutes.When I got my copy of the secret I thought this looks strange for a money making DVD.well it was probably designed for the ladies I told myself.So I rushed home looking forward to some master plan that was going to put me on easy street.I pushed play and sat back and watched the entire movie,at the end of the secret I thought to myself what a bunch of crap!!! everybody knows that it's in the bible!ask and you shall receive,believe have faith,and all that I put the secret on the shelf for a while,Then I started remembering my reverend and the deacons at my church trying to explain these things to me as a kid,I remember them quoting from the bible trying to drill the law of attraction into my thick skull.In one ear and out the other,dismissed as holy mumbojumbo.I reached for my bible and blew the dust off of it,and began to search out those same teachings that I had been taught as a child,I took the secret off the shelf,and began to really take it serious,I dived head first into the eleven laws of the universe, that was two years ago.I had my first real break through two weeks ago,and yesterday was my second,now I'm walking,you see I was at the Bi-lo shopping and when I came outside it was raining.I live about a mile from the Bi-lo and I usually walk to and from,but today it was raining,but instead of calling a cab I thought to myself someone is going to give me a ride home.I knew it was coming.I was expecting a ride home,so I calmly stood in front of bi-lo drinking a soda and having a smoke,all the while knowing that my ride was coming.And sure enough here comes one of my dad's friends,walking straight up to me with a bag full of Chinese food in one hand asking me did I need a ride home.I just smiled and said see,he stays in the county I stay in the city.complete opposite side of town.But I knew someone was coming because I was expectingthem to come.I can attract the things that I need now,and this time around there wasn't any anger or real powerful emotion that triggered the process,this time I just I said I'm taking baby steps now,able to manifest the small things that I need.right now it seems I have to have a need in order to manifest something,but its all Baby steps,right now I'm attracting the small things that I need,pretty soon I will be manifesting my wants and desires,at steps,pretty soon I'll be walking.peace.I'm AUDI 5000.


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