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The Most Common Broken Resolutions

Updated on January 4, 2015

At the end of a year or beginning of next year, people sit down to reflect on the resolutions they made that year or the previous year. Did they meet the resolutions? Did they achieve what they set to accomplish before the end of the year? Can they be proud they at least achieve some of the resolutions they made or the goals they set?

Sadly, many don’t have anything to be proud of. Some wonder how the year came to a fast end without having achieved anything or achieved little. Others scratch their heads feeling stupid and wasted.

Everyone wishes to succeed, to go a step further, to be better at what they do, and to improve in various including behavior. Nevertheless, many of these resolutions are never fulfilled. There are reasons as to why. In today’s fast world, patience is a thing of the past. It is a word that doesn’t seem to exist in the dictionary of the 21st century. Many people give up before they start seeing results.

Below are the seven most resolutions made but a few percentages of those who ever make it carry it to the end, and see the results. To many, it was hard to endure. They couldn’t persevere another day, another week, another month.

1) Weight Loss

Studies have shown the negative effects of obesity. Being overweight or obese can have serious ramifications on the person’s health such as developing Type 2 diabetes, bone and joint, and heart diseases.

Not only does it pose as a health risk, it also limits the person to be involved in many activities such as jogging, jumping, playing, walking for a distance, and sleeping comfortably.

A lot of the obese see the cold-turkey way as the best method of reducing fat in the body – exercise. This is the best method to reduce weight as it also strengthens the muscles and the body’s organs thereby ensuring they function well.

The sad news, many don’t reach the third month without having given up. A few percentages ever go beyond three months and the percentage reduces further by the sixth month. They haven’t seen any change, only muscle aches, sweating a lot and losing ‘valuable’ time. If they only kept going, they would have realized the results.

New Year's Resolution
New Year's Resolution | Source

2) Quit smoking and drinking

In every packet of cigarette, there is warning ‘Smoking is harmful to your health.’ This is because studies have shown cigarette contains more than fifty different types of chemicals. Therefore, every cigarette manufacturer is required by the government to put that waning so people may know what they are getting themselves into.

Cigarette smoking leads to lung cancer, yellowing of teeth, affects breathing and leads to social problems including affecting the non-smokers.

Drinking, on the other hand does also affect the health of a drinker. This is especially the case with pregnant women. Drinking affects the brain, heart resulting to high blood pressure and stroke to name a few. Also, if affects social relationships. Drinking alcohol and getting drunk has been one of the major causes that has led to marriage and relationship break-ups, fights, killing and accidents.

Many of the addicts notice the negative effects of being addicted to alcohol and smoking but very few persevere to the end until they see the results. Reason? They cannot endure the thirst any longer. They feel the urge to have another puff, to feel the sensation of alcohol passing through their throats.

3) Exercise

Most of us wish to be in good health and shape. Actually, not most of us but all of us. This is possible not only those who are obese. There are benefits associated with exercise as studies have shown. They include: strengthening the body organs including the heart and muscles, and improves blood circulation.

However, exercise isn’t easy, and many don’t find any joy in being involved in exercise. Some find it takes long before the desired results are realized. As is with anything else, patience is the key if one wants to achieve his/her goals. It takes time before one gets to a fitting shape including strengthening of muscles, and reducing weight.

4) Social Networks

There is nothing wrong with chatting with friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networks. Neither is there any problem with commenting on people posts, sharing photos and videos.

The problem comes in when it replaces what you are supposed to be doing. This is a sign of addiction. In the end it may lead to loss of jobs, affect the output of worker(s), lead to losses, lead to lose of image of the company and leads to a person not having done what was required whether by someone else or by himself.

A student instead of listening to the teacher is busy chatting on Facebook and twitting on Twitter. A secretary instead of doing her job is busy on Facebook to read the latest rumors and to pass some.

There is always time for everything. There is a time for social networks and time t do what is required of you. Social networks has a way of turning someone from what is very important at the moment.

Trophies | Source

5) Time Management

Proper use of time is another issue many of us are unable to manage. We waste valuable time on social networks, in bars, certain locations passing and listening to rumors, watching movies, sleeping a lot and others which take most of our time in a negative way.

What we don’t realize is time flies fast. The more the time slips from our hands, the older we get the later we regret of things we never did of which we wanted to do.

There is nothing bad like regretting and wishing ‘What if I…’ It makes us look older, fills us with stress leading to depression. If we realize there is time for everything, then we realize there is gonna come a time when we won’t be able to reverse our lives back to do what we wish we would have done.

Life is too short to waste it. It is short not to waste our time on things which are of no benefit. We have got o realize we are the ones who are going to fulfill our destinies. Nobody is going to fulfill it. And the happiness will depend on whether you are heading the right path and whether you’re fulfilling your goals or dream.

Therefore, be the best you can be, do the best you can, believe you can do it, do it knowing you can make it, don’t be afraid to be bombarded with challenges, don’t quit yet, be patient, wait for the time will come, be a better person, and know nothing is impossible when you set your eyes on something.

How To Keep Resolutions And Accomplish Your Goals With Noah St. John

6) Procrastination

We never do what we intend to do because we believe the time is not ready or we’re not yet ready. Time awaits no one. No wonder many of us find an excuse on why we should procrastinate something.

While some reasons for procrastinating are viable reasons, many of them are not. We are afraid what if I…, we feel not ready to do it. We feel the time is not yet ripe. We don’t realize we’re running out of time. And time wasted is never recovered.

7) Eating Habits

What we eat and the rate we eat and how we eat has had negative effects in our health. Many of the diseases are attributed to lack of eating a balanced diet. We concentrate on specific foods, totally ignoring fruits and filling our bodies with junky foods. Most of our foods contain fats. We do have ourselves to blame, and not passing fingers on others including the manufacturers of certain food products. Diseases such as diabetes and obesity are the results of our eating habits.

Choices start with you and me. If we don’t make changes in our lives, let’s not expect someone to make it for us. If they make choices for us, we’ll be reduced to zombies or robots.

You only have yourself to fulfill your destiny. Others will aid it but not fulfill it for you.

I wish you a Happy New Year. Set goals which you intend to achieve before the end of the year and stick to them no matter what until you see the results. Resolutions are made in order to better our lives and make us to be better people and joy s derived when we see things turning for good, not only in our lives but the lives of others when we see the impact we had had on their lives.


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