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The Myth of Mermaid Around The World

Updated on September 14, 2012

Myth of Mermaid

Myth of Mermaid much heard in all societies and all ages, especially children. Mermaid is a legendary creature whose story has been circulating for centuries ago. According to a legend, the mermaid is a water creature that has a head and a body that resembles a woman with a fish-like tail.

According to the story, is the mermaid legend tells of a princess who has been cursed, so most of his body from the waist down to the legs turned into a tail resemble fish. So that the Princess had lived alone on the sea.

Although we have only ever heard this from a bunch of fairy tale creatures. The existence of these creatures can be traced in the literature up to 2,000 years ago.

Origin of the Mermaid Myth

Mermaid comes from the word "mere" which means Sea (in Old English) and the word "maid" meaning women. So, a creature called the Mermaid who is half-man half-fish creatures who are female, while a male called Merman. following are some origins of this legend:

Oh Mermaid...Mermaid I Love you but I'm afraid Part Fish...Part Girl I don't fit your world (Tatsuro Yamashita-Mermaid)

Myth of Mermaid of Assyirian
Myth of Mermaid of Assyirian

Myth of Mermaid form Assyria

Myth of Mermaid Around The World

Myth of Mermaid found for the first time can be traced to the year 1000 BC in Assyrian mythology. Tells the story of the goddess Atargatis, mother of Assyrian queen, goddess Atargatis Semiramis.Dikarenakan love a shepherd who was killed by his own hand, that give rise to feelings of shame, then the goddess trying to transform itself into fish. To achieve this purpose, the goddess Atargatis threw himself into lake. But what happens, the lake water can not completely change the body of the goddess Atargatis into fish.

This is because the Goddess still has power as a Goddess, finally only half of his body are turned into fish. The story of Assyria is expected to be the basis of the legend of the mermaid Mermaid or around the world.

Myth of Mermaid form Greek - Myth of Mermaid Around The World

Myth of Mermaid form Greek
Myth of Mermaid form Greek

Mermaid legend according to Greek myth tells that the mermaid, also known as Mermaid tells of a man named Thessalonike, sister of Alexander the Great whose body turned into a mermaid after she died.

In the Aegean Sea, Thessalonike life after death as a mermaid and she always asks her brother luck. Therefore if any sailor passed, the mermaids are always asking "Is Alexander the Great was still alive?". So the correct answer is "He's still alive and still ruling".

If not this then dijawabseperti the mermaid gradually turned into a gorgon and it will hurt the passing sailors. To the Babylonians also worshiped as the god of the sea mermaid known as Ea or Oannes. Oannes is described as a male mermaid.

Myth of Mermaid form Warsaw - Myth of Mermaid Around The World

Myth of Mermaid form Warsaw
Myth of Mermaid form Warsaw

Old Town Square does have incredible Exoticism. At dusk, the beauty of the sunset sky orange yellow makeup chime, so charming.

That is just visible from the outside. Exoticism the more powerful will be felt when entering the "content" old Town Square. surrounded by ancient buildings.

Right in an alley with a width of two meters along the road about half a kilometer from the Old Town Square, stands majestically a mermaid statue holding a sword and shield. Poles call Syrenka Mermaid.

This mermaid statue right in the middle of the ancient buildings are Hundreds of years old. Beneath the statue is no running water and adjacent to the sculpture lined fancy cafes where people relax.

Later Tribune knows the reason many see images of mermaids in various places in Warsaw, for example, on building facades, stained glass windows, arches, street lights, bridges, or in the body of all public transport and taxis are Warsaw city official. Apparently Syrenka is Warsaw city mascot.

Actually Syrenka legend has been around since the 15th century, but increasingly popular with the introduction Syrenka as a symbol or coat of arms of Warsaw in 1938. Widely now be found in several places Syrenka statue in Warsaw.

Just like any other city mascot, Syrenka also has a legend even in some versions. The famous version is that Syrenka trusted as protectors citizens of Warsaw.

The short story, a fisherman in Warsaw mermaid had saved Syrenka stranded on the river Vistula. A Cunning traders will exploit the capture Syrenka then exhibited at the fair or carnival. The mermaid was crying out for help. Cries heard by a child fisherman in the area.

Together with the homeland, he then help the mermaid to be free. As a sign of gratitude, the mermaid vowed to always strive to protect the Rescuer and his descendants.

Since then, with sword and shield, ready to protect dugongs Syrenka the Warsaw ghetto and its inhabitants.

The Myth Mermaid from Indonesia - The Myth of Mermaid Around The World

The Myth Mermaid from Indonesia
The Myth Mermaid from Indonesia

While the mermaid legend from Central Sulawesi, Indonesia tells of a husband who is abusive to his wife, who had given the three children.

Just because her husband does not get a quota of fish for lunch was spent by his youngest son. Due to the rough nature of the husband and wife left the house at night to go to sea to catch fish for his family. However, when the mother did not return home, her three children in the morning followed out to sea in search of their mother. The three children were calling her mother by singing.

Finally the mother emerged from the sea and brought some fish and directly feeding the youngest. After the mother breast-feeding her youngest child, the mother eventually sent her three children to go home while bringing some fish to be cooked lunch with their father.

However, her mother took her three children to go home but the mother did not want to because they have to look for another fish in the sea. The three children went home, took the fish to be cooked giving their mother and their father for lunch. On the orders of his father's fish was eaten away without leaving little for their mother. Although finished lunch and wait until the afternoon by her three children but the mother still has not returned. For it was the third night of the boy's mother decided to come back looking for them late in the day.

The next day, then the three children back into the sea to their mom. Arriving at sea, they do not see their mother. They also call the mother while singing. The mother emerged from the sea with a scaly body half. Seeing this fear of the youngest of her three children did not want to breastfeed, and they do not go near their mother. Finally, the three children left her. And the mother eventually returned to the sea.

The Story of Mermaid from H.C. Anderson - The Myth of Mermaid Around The World

The Story of Mermaid from H.C. Anderson
The Story of Mermaid from H.C. Anderson

"The Little Mermaid" was written by Hans Christian Andersen, Danish nationality, an author of children's stories, first published in 1837 yr. Do hope this story has a happy ending as Ariel in the Disney movie. Instead the story ends tragically.

The story begins at the bottom of the sea. Little mermaid living in the kingdom under the sea along with his father, the King of the Sea, grandmother & sister of six, each differing by 1 year of age. When the mermaid reached the age of 15, he was allowed to swim to the surface to see the world above the sea and if their age is enough, one of them turns to see the sea every year. Every one of them back, little mermaid longing to hear with all the beauty on the surface and the stories you know about humans.

Finally turn mermaid kecilpun arrived. He ventured to the surface of the sea, saw a ship with a handsome prince in dlmnya, he fell in love from a distance. A big storm hit, causing the handsome prince was thrown into the sea. The little mermaid rescue the prince who was unconscious and took him to the shore near a temple. There he waited until a young girl from the temple to help the prince. Prince never saw the little mermaid.

The little mermaid asks her grandmother whether a human pd interchangeable ill live forever if they drowned. Grandmother explains that humans have a shorter lifespan than the average mermaid who is 300 years old. When mermaids die they turn into bubbles sea and vanished without a trace while humans have an immortal soul that lives in heaven. The little mermaid prince and who yearn to have that soul immortal, visit Sea Witch. Sea Witch sells potions give interchangeable legs. Exchanged with the sound of little mermaid (mermaid voice adl the purest in the world)

The Myth of Mermaid in The Movie - Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid

Long time ago there lived a sea king in a coral palace that was very deep at the bottom of the sea. He had six daughters. While the five of his daughters were happy, the youngest of them was unhappy.

The little mermaid love the world above the sea. She often swam to the surface of the sea and looked the beautiful blue sky, sun and the green trees of the distant land. She used to feel sad when the time to get back home, came.

In the middle of a night, The little mermaid left her home and came to the surface, secretly. She sat on a rock and sang a song. She had very beautiful voice. In the dark and stormy night, the high waves crashed a ship and the ship rolling and pitching on the sea. Beside the ship a young man was signalling for help. The little mermaid immediately rescued him. She brought him to the shore and rested him against a rock. She fell in love with this young man, the most handsome she had ever seen. A few minutes later, a young girl came and looked them. The little mermaid immediately left the surface and reached her home.

The little mermaid always thought of the young man. she met a sea witch and told her that she want to be a human. So that she could walk and dance on the land to meet the prince who she love. The witch agreed to consent the wish on two condition. First, the witch will take the beautiful voice of the little mermaid, so the little mermaid can’t talk and sing. Second, if the young man marries someone else, the little mermaid will die and become foam of the sea. The little mermaid agreed and was soon transformed into a beautiful girl wearing splendid clothes.

The little Mermaid reached the young man palace and feeling that the young man would recognize her as the rescuer. Not knowing anything about the girl, the palace guards did not allow her inside. Because she can’t speak anything. Listen to the music coming from the palace, she start to dance beautifully. The young man come suddenly and see a beautiful girl with long hair and beautiful dance. He like her and allow her to join with him in the palace. The young man said that the little mermaid remembered him with someone who saved his life. The young man asked her to dance at his party. The little mermaid dance beautifully and charm everyone.

Day after day, they are to be close. The prince who is the young man said that He fell in love with a beautiful girl who had beautiful voice who saved his life, but he has never been seeing her until now. He think that He will never meet her anymore, so He’ll marry a beautiful young girl who found him at the edge of the sea. The little mermaid felt very sad to hear that. The little mermaid wanted to tell him that She was the girl. But she can’t spoke.

The wedding has come. The little mermaid came to the palace and saw the prince with the princess. She ran out of the palace and reached the edge of the sea. Sad about what happened to her, she entered the sea, died and became foam of the sea.

Little Mermaid - The Movie - Walt Disney Animation

Mermaid in The Real World - The Myth of Mermaid Around The World

Mermaid in The Real World
Mermaid in The Real World

When talking about mermaids, most of us surely remember an animated film Walt Disney Feature Animation production entitled The Little Mermaid. If we remember the story of a mermaid aurel pretty bored being at sea, of course we want the mermaid creature really exists. Mermaids were often a favorite character of children, especially women. Unfortunately mermaid is a fairy tale that has never been any real evidence of its existence. However, Hannah Fraser is a man who claimed that mermaids are real. Hannah proved to be a mermaid itself.

It is impossible indeed, but this is being proven by a woman from Australia. Thanks capable of holding my breath until 2 minutes and dive to a depth of 45 feet with an artificial tail like a fish, now dubbed Hannah as a mermaid in the real world.

Since the age of 3, Hannah really liked the fish-tailed heroine. His interest in mermaids intensified after he saw the movie 'Splash', starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah at the age of 9 years. Awe a mermaid hannah push a little to make a tail similar experiment Mermaid tail and dream to swim into the sea along with the fish.

Now the 36-year woman has succeeded in realizing his dream. He has managed to create a mermaid tail better and be able to swim in the wild with whales, dolphins and sharks as well as being helped into the sea observer with her husband Dave Rastovich.

Mermaid in Real World on YouTube - The Myth of Mermaid Around The World

Tell me your Story about The Mermaid - Is there any mermaid story from your country?

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