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Free Electric Energy

Updated on August 16, 2016

Quest for Unending Power

As a society we use a lot of power. The reason we use a lot of power is because everything we use today uses power. The problem with this is we use way too much power. We can't seem to find enough ways to generate that power. We are using all the crude oil we can fine. We are using all the coal and natural gas that we can find. We are trying to find ways to use the sun and wind power and even tidal power to generate energy. We just have not found a way to make enough to satisfy our needs.

This is where perpetual motion comes in. It would be awesome if we could find a machine of some sort that would not only generate energy to be used by us, but would generate enough energy to run itself. It is something we have been looking for centuries, but have yet to find. The problem is physics. Gravity and friction keeps up from achieving even generating enough power to keep the machine running let alone provide excess for us to use.

I'm going to show you several of the ways people have tried to achieve perpetual motion. If you look at the different ways, you will see that there is truly no way to achieve this feat... yet.

Magnet Generator - The idea seems plausable

I have yet to see anyone actually get this motor to work. The magnets work against each other causing the whole thing to stop instead of continuing to turn.

Perpetual Motion: The History of an Obsession

If you want to know more about the history of people trying to create power without expending more energy than what it takes to produce it, take a look at this book. People have been trying to make these machines for centuries.

The Water Machine

Picking Your Brain

Do You Think Perpetual Motion is Possible?

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Stirling Engines - Not Really Perpetual Motion

What Do You Think About Perpetual Motion?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @KitCox: You'd have a little credibility if you'd learn how to spell "perpetual."

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @anonymous: For more information,log on to,

      As the name suggests,Non-Perpetual means not against 3 laws of thermodynamics and not against newton's laws of motion.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @KitCox: KitCox,you cannot prove that this mine is fraud.I am actually inventing a real Non-Perpetual gravity engine.please see,

      and you will be surprised with very clear discussion on the principle of operation I used in my engine.It uses concept of resistance to gravity and it is not perpetual.I have formatted the description clearly this time.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Just wanted to share this,Please share the below article with as many people as possible:

      A real gravity /magnetic engine is not a Perpectual motion machine!I am myself inventing a non -Perpectual gravity engine!People think falsely that gravity and magnetic engines are impossible but it is not true!They are mostly mislead by cheaters claiming to invent Perpectual machines or claiming to invent such engine that are Perpectual for us!These cheaters and non intelluctual conventional minded people have made our scientists life miserable.Very little people believe in us real scientists because of the psycological thinking that gravity / magnetic engines are Perpectual!It seems these people including most professors have stopped thinking the reality and are only bookish.Though complex,the most simplest way to make use of gravity is impulsive energy when a heavy ball falls over a light weight object(Example : basketball net) in between..I am inventing my own gravity engine based on this impulsive energy concept using force distribution and gravitaitional amplification,inspired from nature and flywheels

      Reminding once again:My engine is not Perpectual!

      Don't be dump:Spread awareness about real gravity engines which are not Perpectual!Ask people never get mislead by cheaters claiming to invent Perpectual motion machines!Let me tell you that there might be only 20 real gravity/magnetic engines inventors,all others are cheaters!

      I am not posting spam,those cheaters are posting spams!

      The internet community should explain the reality to other people!Don't simply tell people that fuel less engines exist:Unless you explain them that these engines are not Perpectual and you can use impulsive energy concept intelligently,no one will believe in us!And try to spread my message to at least 20 famous websites each of you!Be aware of spams and cheaters like this:

      and tell people that they are been mislead by such spams!Encourage only real authentic inventors like me!And I wil like to know whether most of you really know what is meant by a"Perpectual motion machine".Please understand the concepts of physics!

      My Non Perpectual engine does not violate any laws of thermaodynamics!Since its not a Perpectual machine!

      If you all will do what I say,the day is not far when your children will see IC engines in museums,and will never go to any fuel filling station!But we only need your effort in right direction,not just some statements which don't explain the reality!A magnetic engine is also possible.Photons compress atomic particles to store compressed energy in them as nuclear energy,but it's not easy to make such engines.It requires a highly intellectual brain!

      Principle of working of my Non Perpectual gravity engine:

      This is "Gravity-Piston Impulse Kinetic Power Technology". Its like releasing a heavy ball over a small light weight ball at some distance from earth surface in vacuum.This means without any considerable reduction of speed of bigger ball travelling towards ground,the smaller balls get extra energy due to gravitational amplification.Well my engine works on a similar principle.In other words ,it works on the principle of Gravitational Amplification. .What exactly happens is somewhat very smilar to this equation: " Impulsive gravitational energy absorbed and used by light weight small ball from the heavy ball due to gravitational amplification + standard gravity (9.8) ;as output Electricity (converted)= small loss of big ball due to Impulse resistance /back reactance + energy equivalent to go against standard gravity +fictional energy loss + Impulsive energy applied. " I can't disclose the whole concept to general public because we want to apply for patent:There are few more diagrams relating to my idea,but i fear some one could copy.I can email all my detail invention diagrams if and when an official representative of Quirky wants to see my detailed diagrams.So others,please wait until I get patent so that we can disclose my engine's whole concept. AT first,i intend to produce products only for domestic use and as a camping accessory.I am doing more research for increasing power output so that it can be used in future in cars.My engine uses heavy weight piston,gears , 4 flywheels in unconventional different way and pusher rods,but not balls.It was necessary for me to take example of ball to explain my basic idea I used in my concept .(the ball system is very much analogous to the piston-gear system I am using in my engine).

      Ellaboration of the example I discussed analogous to my invention:

      When you are simply lifting some object,are you giving potential energy to object?it's the gravitational pull that is giving potential energy to object! And it is a matter of "Common sense" that before ball comes down,you are supplying energy to lift ball,not storing energy in ball.Potential energy is stored by gravity!and when the ball comes down it uses or discharges p.e in the form of Kinetic energy!The fact is this is not explained properly in textbooks! And yes,in between this,if you place another light weight ball due to gravitational impulsive accelearation,the small light weight ball gets enough energy to go sideways with high speed,which we can use as output! You can extract energy you supplied to lift heavy ball,when the heavy ball is coming down and you can extract energy from the light weight ball when it's coming downwards as output impulsive energy!

    • profile image

      KitCox 6 years ago

      Impossible under normal laws of thermodynamics. At super cooled regions of matter it may be possible to have a zero gain zero loss system, which won't produce any work. Boo hoo. As for Finsrud, he's a fraud. End of discussion. I'd have to take it apart to prove it to you and show his secret energy source.