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The Secret Life of Trolls

Updated on October 10, 2014
Typical Ugly Trolls
Typical Ugly Trolls | Source

The Grisly Truth about the Trolls of the North

The truth about Trolls is ugly. Yes, ugly. For Trolls are ugly, malicious creatures who will never be anything but the enemies of mortals.

These fearsome, baleful and evil minded creatures are from the mythology of the wild northern lands, fiendish giants related to Ogres.

You may read of a Troll here and there who is not quite as spiteful as the rest, you may hear whispers of a Troll who seemed friendly enough to humans, but pay no attention!

Trolls are not friendly, they are nasty vicious beings and the only way to treat a Troll is to run .. as fast as you can! And never look back!

How to Recognise a Troll

Pay close attention ...

Trolls are much bigger than us, somewhat like a huge, ugly, mossy giant, and much stronger, awfully, terribly, horribly strong.

If you are unfortunate enough to bump into a Troll and have one shocked moment to see his face (or faces), you will notice the long, warty nose, the grotesque reddened eyes and the twisted, slavering mouth.

You may also notice that the Troll has more than one head.

If this isn't enough to turn your heart inside out and your bowels to water, remember that Trolls eat people!

Your only hope (if your legs haven't turned to jelly) is to flee forthwith.

If you see this Troll - run!

Run! Run now!
Run! Run now! | Source

Trolls have moved to the Wild Mountains

A Warning to Hikers

Before 1850 Sweden, Denmark and Southern Norway were mainly rural areas and Trolls lived, in a truce of sorts, with the local communities.

For trolls, half of the fun in life was to maliciously blight the crops, steal fat cows and exchange their ugly troll children for bonny golden- haired human babies.

But this part of the world is industrialised nowadays and the Trolls have mostly taken to living in the wild mountains. Beware! This is no guarantee of safety!

For the most part, the Trolls live in the deep forests or in caves in the untamed mountains, and we can feel comfortable knowing that they are far away from us, and not seen by many. This is indeed fortunate as the last thing you want to meet while enjoying a hike in the woods is a Troll.

The best way to get rid of a Troll is by exposing it to sunlight, as the warm rays turn the Troll into stone.

If you're very, very brave ....

Then again, it's worth remembering that Trolls often guard a dazzling treasure hoard.

If you have a strong stomach, and a sun-lamp, you may find riches beyond dreams of avarice!

A Troll turned to Stone by a Sun Lamp

A Troll turned to Stone by a Sun Lamp
A Troll turned to Stone by a Sun Lamp

Oh No! Taken by Trolls!

Be ever vigilant

In all Scandinavian languages there is a word which literally means 'taken to the mountain', used, in modern parlance, in the sense of 'bewitched', and the theme of being stolen away to the Troll Mountain is very popular in literature and art.

An English equivalent is "taken by the fairies". Not quite the same as "away with the fairies". but closely related. If you've been abducted by trolls and managed to get away from the freakish creatures, you will be absent-minded, distrait and unheeding of those who want to help you.

At one time, if a villager disappeared in the woods, it was obvious that the Trolls were involved. But this isn't past history - it happens today! The modern generation has forgotten the truth.

Recorded Abductions by Trolls

Until the beginning of the 17th century, Swedish churches in the countryside registered people who had mysteriously disappeared as being abducted by Trolls.

Don't let anyone convince you that these good folk were merely lost, or eaten by bears, for the truth is that they really did fall into the clutches of nasty Trolls.

For that matter, church records also show many people who had lost their way in the woods for a day or two and suffering loss of memory had also been abducted by Trolls. And who are we to argue with the Swedish clergy?


If you experience an unexplainable loss of memory after a tramp through the woods, this may not necessarily mean you have been abducted by Trolls

The Danger is still there!

These days the abductions are not so common, but the danger has only lessened, not disappeared. Trolls are still kidnapping people!

An inordinate number of fair maidens, up to and including princesses, are captured by Trolls and kept prisoner in a dismal dungeon or a damp cave (which is infinitely worse).

Luckily, Trolls tend to be somewhat stupid, so heroes can outsmart them and save the fair maiden or princess.

Trolls in Modern Stories

Watered down for the kiddies

In Swedish children's literature nowadays, Trolls are not portrayed as naturally evil, merely as primitive and misunderstood.

It's said that the misdeeds of Trolls are due to a combination of basic and common human traits, such as envy, pride, greed, ignorance and stupidity.

Don't be fooled! Trolls are naturally evil.

It's not fashionable these days to frighten children with stories of Trolls, we are soft and pampered in this modern age, but the Trolls are still in the mountains .. waiting.

The Boy Who Cried Troll

Don't be like Bjorn, the boy who cried Troll.

Once there was a little boy named Bjorn. He lived with his little old grandmother in a small cottage outside of the village and, everyday, Bjorn would walk to the field to guard the sheep from the trolls.

He hated going to that field everyday, because it was so boring and lonesome, and one day Bjorn thought, I wonder what people would do if I cried "TROLL".

So Bjorn ran towards the village screaming,"Troll, troll! There is a troll in the field and he's eating up the sheep!"

Everyone ran to the field, only to find that there were no trolls, while Bjorn laughed and laughed.

Bjorn's grandmother scolded him and told him never to lie to people again. "You should be thankful that people came up here to help you." Grandmother scolded, "Someday, you will understand what a good thing it is to have friends who trust you!"

But Bjorn didn't learn. The next day, Bjorn yelled," TROLL,TROLL" and the people came and started looking for the troll. Needless to say, they were pretty cross with Bjorn and his lies.

On the third day, while watching the sheep, a troll came and grabbed Bjorn! Bjorn yelled "TROLL,TROLL" but no one came to help, they were sick of the foolish prank, and the troll gobbled up the young boy.

The moral of this story is Don't Lie for if you do, a troll will come and gobble you up

But what about Troll Dolls?

I can hear you ask ....

Troll Dolls are, of course, extremely ugly (collectors claim the ugliness to be part of the charm of the doll) with huge ears, a potbelly, no forehead and long strands of sheep's wool for hair.

Danes believed the dolls were so ugly that you had to laugh at them and if you were laughing, nothing bad could happen to you.

Soon the dolls became a source of good luck to people around the world and, in the late 1960s, Troll Dolls were the second largest selling dolls in the United States.

There is simply no accounting for taste!

A Most Necessary Troll for your Computer

Example of a non-threatening Troll

Is a Dose of Bad Luck haunting your computer?

You must always be wary of computer misfortune. In these modern times, mishaps and malfunctions of the home PC are blamed on Gremlins, but this is far from the truth.

Gremlins are indeed mischievous, impish tricksters who once vexed the farmers of Scotland and then moved on to meddling with aircraft. It's believed that they still like to manipulate machinery but computers have never interested them.

Inexplicable trouble with your PC can be traced to Pixies, those impertinent, obstructive busybodies who delight in tampering and tinkering.

This is why you need a dedicated Computer Troll! No self-respecting Pixie can bear to be in the presence of a troll. Luckily, you can have your own troll to safeguard your precious computer.

Get your own Original Good Luck Computer Troll for Peace of Mind

Troll Dolls can help ward off REAL Trolls

Better to be Safe than Sorry

It's a strange thing. While the REAL Trolls want to eat you, these miniature versions of the Norwegian fiends bring luck to certain areas of your home. I believe that they frighten off pernicious pixies who so enjoy plundering your kitchen and pillaging your laundry.

Sometimes mysterious things go awry in my kitchen, the gravy will turn into peculiar lumps, the pastry inexplicably refuse to rise and the milk will curdle. Pixies will spitefully spoil the last of the laundry powder and steal my socks. I need a Lucky Troll Doll to combat these dire events!

These little Troll Dolls (Dam Dolls) have never lost popularity in Europe. You need a Troll Doll to keep your home in good running order.

Now you can get your own Lucky Household Troll from Denmark (6 to choose from)

A famous Troll

One famous, or more correctly 'infamous', troll is Grendel, the grinder of bones. The name says it all.

The story of Grendel is pure horror although the hero wins out in the end. Yes, some trolls can be slain, but you need to be a hero to manage such a deed.

If only we had more heroes!

The Story of Beowulf and Grendel

In the Faroe Islands, in Orkney and Shetland, trolls may be called trows. But don't be fooled, they are still trolls!

Trolls of the Orkneys

In the Faroe Islands, in Orkney and Shetland, trolls may be called trows. But don't be fooled, they are still trolls!

The superb website, Orkneyjar, dedicated to the preserving, exploring and documenting the ancient history, folklore and traditions of Orkney.

Orkneyjar is created and maintained by Orcadian, Sigurd Towrie.

An Ancestor Cult?

Modern Theories on Trolls

It has been said that Trolls represent the last vestige of an ancestor-cult, common throughout Skandinavia until Christianity came to the region.

Family forebears were worshiped in sacred groves, by altars, biers and gravemounds. One of the customs associated with this practice was to sit on top of a gravemound at night, possibly in order to make contact with the deceased, But, when the priests arrived with the new Christian religion, all reference to these earlier long-held beliefs was demonised.

In the 13th century it was decreed illegal to attempt to wake the "mound-dwellers" in the sacred groves. (Warning : Don't even think of trying ......)

Disregard these modern theories. Or the Trolls will get you!

In the Hall of the Mountain King

Peer Gynt and the King of the Trolls

Under the Mountains in the Hall of the Troll King

After some bizarre actions and their consequences, Peer, the anti-hero, wanders the wild mountains of Norway. He meets three amorous dairy-maids who are waiting to be courted by trolls, gets drunk with them and spends the next day alone with a severe hangover.

He comes across a woman clad in green who turns out to be the daughter of the Troll Mountain King. Together they ride into the mountain hall, and the Troll King gives Peer the choice of becoming a troll if Peer is to marry his daughter. Peer agrees to a number of issues, but withdraws in the end.

The music In the Hall of the Mountain King from Peer Gynt is a well known melody although many may not know the actual name of the piece. Did you?

Slow Down, Trolls Crossing

Don't be fooled!

These days the Troll is seen as a humorous phenomenon, a childish symbol of fears, or the subject of doctoral dissertations. But don't be fooled.! They are as malevolent and wicked as they ever were.

Once a troll, always a troll

Share your opinion on Trolls. Are we safe?

Are Trolls still hiding in the Wild Norwegian Mountains?

Of course they are! They're up in the untamed woods, hiding from the media

Of course they are! They're up in the untamed woods, hiding from the media

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    • Mike Kostka 2 years ago

      While in the filming of the movie WILD, Reese Witherspoon, Little Spoon, happened across trolls in her hiking. She was saved by me myself personally.

    • Peggy Hazelwood 2 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      I will never tromp the woods again! Unless of course I have an ogre by my side to fight the trolls.

    • Frischy 4 years ago from Kentucky, USA

      I'm not sure about Norway, but have you visited Facebook lately? Half of them are there, and the other half can be found commenting on news articles throughout the web. Though they dare not show their faces or reveal their true names, they are most definitely still playing their nasty tricks.

    • Elric22 5 years ago

      You bet. Check out the movie Troll Hunter.

    • Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

      I have no doubt whatsoever $6 that Trolls are still very much alive and well. There are many species hidden deep in secluded areas of the world.

    • sousababy 5 years ago

      I think it is possible . . I might have dated a few even.

    • normandes 5 years ago

      If you still believe it, they will still alive....

    • Terrie_Schultz 5 years ago

      I'm sure they are there, hiding unseen in the wild, untamed places.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      yes; for they linger in the mountains north of Hollingdal Norway. They are told to me that they have the minds of the Norwegian Vikings, and know no FEAR not of anyting man nor Beast. they came across the seas on long boats that they taught the Ishlandic Vikings to build for rough seas.

    • ChrissLJ 5 years ago

      Of course. They're cousins to Bigfoot and the Yeti!

    • BuddyBink 5 years ago

      They know how to hide until the time is right to strike.

    • RLWalker LM 5 years ago

      I saw one but just a few hours ago!

    • zoonix 5 years ago

      I certainly hope they do anyway

    • toldyaso lm 5 years ago

      What about the Troll Dolls with the stone in their bellybuttons? You were supposed to rub them for good luck or to make a wish, or something of that nature. Surely, they are harmless ;)

    • Beautyland 5 years ago

      After reading this I'm sure they do and we must be careful! Very informative and entertaining read, thank you!

    • WorkingOnMe 5 years ago

      I've loved trolls ever since David the Gnome!

    • Renaissance Woman 5 years ago from Colorado

      I am quite sure they are hiding up on my mountain, too. I have seen mysterious old camps while hiking in the woods and have heard tales of hikers who have gone missing up there. And to think I was only worried about the mountain lions!

    • abocks 5 years ago

      should we run from internet trolls also??

    • krakensquid 5 years ago

      âTo live is to war with trolls.â

      â Henrik Ibsen

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm sure they are!

    Certainly not! All the trolls died out years and years ago

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      • Susanna Duffy 2 years ago from Melbourne Australia

        At the moment, I'm not too sure. Previously I thought they were still with us but there have been sightings, albeit unconfirmed, of trolls seen in the mountains of New South Wales

      • mobilebillingandpayments 5 years ago

        No, I believe they have all moved to the Gold Coast QLD Australia!!

      • Nirmal Shah 5 years ago from India

        I'm amazed by this awesome lens but I doubt their existence apart from Harry Potter Novels :)

      • Barbara Walton 5 years ago from France

        I doubt it

      • Eddie20112011 5 years ago

        wow, great lense! however, they may not by existing...

      • sheezie77 5 years ago

        They're all gone...and you know why? Because Hercules find some kind of magic ring and turn them into dust!

      • tq01089 5 years ago

        um, prob not...

      • CannyGranny 5 years ago

        Sadly, they became extinct due to suburban sprawl, new highways and universal education

      • EMangl 5 years ago

        they are not hiding, they are now out there in internet - no day where not at least one pops up

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        i think they are, but I'm not game enough to go wandering in the wild mountains

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Never been there so can't say for sure. I kinda like them :)

      • Margaret Schaut 5 years ago from Detroit

        No, no, we're here in Michigan! Yes, you're safe!

      • Jimmie Lanley 6 years ago from Memphis, TN, USA

        Just balancing out this side over here! LOL.

      • anonymous 8 years ago

        of course they died years but maybe they are usually still alive i wish they're dead because of course they kill humans.

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      © 2008 Susanna Duffy

      Troll Talk - (Be careful what you say, trolls can sometimes read)

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        • Scarlettohairy profile image

          Peggy Hazelwood 2 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

          Never did like those weird little troll dolls.

        • Monika Weise profile image

          Monika Weise 2 years ago from Indianapolis, IN USA

          My youngest daughter firmly believed that her father had slain a troll by exposing it to sunlight and turning it into stone. She was quite angry when, in the second grade, the teacher broke the news to her that there were no such things as trolls. Poor kid :)

        • Virginia Allain profile image

          Virginia Allain 3 years ago from Central Florida

          I've never felt the same about bridges after reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff as a kid.

        • Lady Lorelei profile image

          Lorelei Cohen 3 years ago from Canada

          I have been by this before but I am forgetful in my old age so it is like visiting it for the first time. It is still just as enjoyable the second time around : )

        • Frischy profile image

          Frischy 3 years ago from Kentucky, USA

          Back to say I love this page! It's important to understand these things. Thank you for educating us!

        • mariacarbonara profile image

          mariacarbonara 3 years ago

          Fascinating lens. Although I never liked the look of the troll dolls

        • Frischy profile image

          Frischy 4 years ago from Kentucky, USA

          My sister and I loved those little troll dolls back in the 60s. My daughters had a few in the 2000s too. Their popularity never dies out.

        • profile image

          Echo Phoenix 4 years ago

          I loved the troll dolls but perhaps I should have been a wee bit more cautious with my heart! lol

        • shellys-space profile image

          Shelly Sellers 4 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

          I had many Troll dolls when I was young...maybe that explains my strange behavior!

        • VigilantChef LM profile image

          VigilantChef LM 5 years ago

          When I was a boy my Dad had a book of Trolls, this brought back a lot of fun memories. Thank-you :)

        • Gypzeerose profile image

          Rose Jones 5 years ago

          Susanna Duffy - you are an interesting person. If I ever make it to down under I will definitely invite you out for a cup of tea. I knew none of this about trolls, except that they were ugly.

        • SusannaDuffy profile image

          Susanna Duffy 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

          @Redneck Lady Luck: Don't be fooled. They were taken by trolls!

        • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

          Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

          My daughter collected the little good luck trolls when she was young so this lens always brings back many memories for me. Around the Vancouver area there are tales of people being taken by the Sasquatch. Who knows what hides deep in remote areas.

        • LouisaDembul profile image

          LouisaDembul 5 years ago

          I just love the illustration of John Bauer. Remember reading lots of stories about trolls when small, with his pictures in the book. Used to scare me terribly, but was so exciting at the same time.

        • profile image

          kimmanleyort 5 years ago

          I am glad to know that trolls are somewhat stupid and can be outwitted. However, I still wouldn't want to cross paths after reading your lens. Beautifully written.

        • Inkhand profile image

          Inkhand 5 years ago


        • John Dyhouse profile image

          John Dyhouse 5 years ago from UK

          What a fun lens really enjoyed it, new to this series of lenses but will be reading more soon. Please accept an angels blessing to keep the Trolls away.

        • BLouw profile image

          Barbara Walton 5 years ago from France

          I love your pictures and, although not previously terribly interested in trolls, I'm much more interested now. What about the troll scene in Harry Potter? No videos on YouTube?

        • MayaBella LM profile image

          MayaBella LM 5 years ago

          Very cool And some really neat illustrations!

        • MayaBella LM profile image

          MayaBella LM 5 years ago

          Very cool And some really neat illustrations!

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