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the unknown pains and tears of the earth

Updated on August 6, 2010

We have made pains part of us because each day we hear news of terrorism, poverty, natural disaster, or war among others. The truth is that some of these sad events are beyond our control while majorities of it are our making. We hear of the pains, tears, death, and sufferings of innocent men, women, and children but many of us are no longer moved because it seems a normal way of life. Yet, most of these innocent people die as a result of poverty, and armed conflict. Unfortunately the world leaders are some group has failed to save these innocent lives. Do we expect God to do it for us from heaven, when it seems that God works through men (so does the devil)? Some of these failures are because some nations want to protect their personal interest therefore they do not want peaceful resolution to conflicts unless it meets their demands. Some of them even deny the truth of the situation not minding that lives are being lost. While some nations tends to step in late after some damage had been done. This is the situation when we consider the conflict in the Middle East, Africa, and other parts of the world. Truly, there may be a need to fight a just fight especially in a struggle for freedom and equality because most of the freedoms we enjoy today were fought and won by men. But there are some wars that are clearly based on selfish reasons.

The earth has eaten a lot of flesh and is drunk with the red wine that is scared in most places. Now even the earth is tired of being eating and drinking yet humanity would not stop feeding her. The earth is crying because the souls of the innocent she is consuming would not let her rest in peace. Oh! Why could not hear her cry? She cried and shouted, “Since I must eat please give me the guilty to consume and I will eat with joy and satisfaction.” The innocent have been consumed while the guilty still flourish in most places. Why must men expect true judgment, peace, and justice only in heaven? The pains of the earth is so great that justice shall come to earth for there will be no judgment on any plane of existence without justice. Some people may not be in position to play part that can save the innocent lives but it is not best that they fold they hands and watch. Let all those that feel and share in the pains of the innocent do anything they can to ensure that we give the innocent women, men, and children reasons to keep living. Let us not allow our various religious faiths to cloud our mind in our effort to bring peace, unity and justice among humanity. We all have a part to play because it truly time though many are yet to know the new time that must come upon humanity. “If truly God is love and if truly with God all things are possible. Then with love all things will be made possible.” Unselfish love is what it will take to fight for the interest of all humanity. An academic scholar had a chat with an audience of which I was among. He told us a story that happened in Hitler’s time about a German protestant religious leader, Martin, who said that while Hitler was persecuting firstly, the Jews, then the communist, and later the Catholics. He, Martin, did not bother be it was not his right that was threatened so he felt save but when it was the protestant’s turn to be persecuted. Martin looked around for help but no body came to help them because he did not help others when their right was denied from them and little did he know that it will be his turn some day. I then came to conclude that the past violation of human right in human history including slavery, racism, and massacre of the Jews which received little reaction from the world leaders at that time was because the world did not realize early enough that other citizens apart from their own people are entitled to right and just treatment. This is why I still ask us today, “each time we demand for the right to practice our religion, equity, fair play among others. Do we sincerely desire that others be given the same right?” is it justified that we deny others the right we would want to have? Just as some people practice their religious ways in other nations that gave them the liberty yet same people would not give others same liberty in their own nation. Then it is time we wake up and realize that religions, creeds or dogmas is not the main problem that may lead to conflict but it is that we do not really understand what it means to “do unto others like we would want done to us.” It is the simplest and general law of all laws yet it is the most difficult to uphold.


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